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10 Things We Want to See From PlayStation in 2016


10 Things We Want to See From PlayStation in 2016

It’s not too much to ask.

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Sony had another tremendous year in 2015  as they maintained their current lead in the number of consoles sold, brokered new beneficial 3rd party deals with Battlefront and Call of Duty, and launched a couple new successful IPs that were exclusive to the PlayStation platform, Until Dawn and Bloodborne.

In 2016, Sony needs to maintain their momentum in order to continue to be the top-selling console in the 8th generation. With Xbox aggressively making moves to try to find their way back to the top, PlayStation will have to continue to bring surprises both large and small in the coming year.

This is our 2016 PlayStation wishlist. While some of these desires are grounded in reality others are simply announcements and changes that PlayStation fans would go nuts for — even if they are a bit outlandish!

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