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This Stuntman Can Imitate Tekken Characters Perfectly


This Stuntman Can Imitate Tekken Characters Perfectly

The real King of the Iron Fist.

Every character in Tekken has a huge set of moves that can take months to memorize. Stuntman Eric Jacobus has gone one step further by memorizing the moves of Tekken characters and doing them in real life.

Eric Jacobus has practiced martial arts and professional stunts for over a decade, and he calls his Tekken-related projects “Real Life Videogames”. His latest video shows him performing over 100 moves of Lei Wulong, Tekken’s master of drunken boxing and snake kung fu. He even goes the extra mile and dresses in Lei Wulong’s Tekken 2 outfit.

Jacobus has another video where he performs the moves of Tekken’s taekwondo master Hwoarang.

If Bandai Namco ever needs to hire for motion capture, they’ve found the perfect person to recruit. Which video game character should this stuntman pay tribute to next? Let us know in the comments.


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