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Star Wars Battlefront Is EA’s Largest Digital Launch Ever

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront Is EA’s Largest Digital Launch Ever

The force is strong with this one.

Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, Star Wars Battlefront has proved to be very popular and has enjoyed strong sales. The title is even breaking records for EA by becoming the largest digital launch in the publisher’s history. It is also the biggest launch any Star Wars game has ever had.

The news was first announced on a new blog post on EA’s official site written by EA Studios executive Patrick Soderlund. In his post, Soderlund first thanked fans for all their support and then revealed the records that the game has broken. He then went on to announce that new, free content will be coming for the game such as maps and Star Cards.

“We will be adding more of what you love about the game, like new maps and Star Cards, for free in the coming months, in addition to all of the content we have coming with Season Pass,” wrote Soderlund.

The first batch of free DLC will come in the form of The Battle of Jakku, which is a battle that will tie into the upcoming film The Force Awakens. The DLC will be available on December 1 to all those who pre-ordered Star Wars Battlefront and December 8 for those who didn’t.

Despite featuring stunning graphics and iconic Star Wars music, Star Wars Battlefront has disappointed some fans who feel the game is too shallow and doesn’t offer enough. Regardless, the game has been a big hit, and will no doubt sell even more as the new film gets closer.


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