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Sony Asks Which PlayStation 2 Games Should Be Emulated on PS4


Sony Asks Which PlayStation 2 Games Should Be Emulated on PS4

That’s a lot of games to emulate.

The details on the program are very limited, but Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 can emulate PlayStation 2 games. The PlayStation 2 has a massive library of games to emulate, so Sony has gone to the fans to see which games should come to PS4 first.

Sony XDev Europe and PlayStation UK posted tweets about the emulation news, asking fans which games they’d like to see.

Both tweets got hundreds of responses, listing games like SOCOM 2, the Crash Bandicoot series, and Rockstar’s PlayStation 2 titles like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Bully.

This is an early way to gauge interest on titles that should make their way to PlayStation 2, but Sony might take notice on which games got the most mentions. Ideally, they could implement a voting system like Microsoft did for Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.

Which PlayStation 2 games are you looking forward to replaying on PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments.


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