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Someone Got His Dad To Recreate Street Fighter II Victory Poses

Street Fighter II Dad Victory Poses

Someone Got His Dad To Recreate Street Fighter II Victory Poses

Perfect Victory!

Street Fighter is known for the unique and varied characters the series has. Their personalities come through in a lot of what they do, including their victory poses. Comedian Nick Luciano somehow convinced his dad to recreate victory poses from a few of the characters in Street Fighter II Turbo. Character like Ryu and Ken have simple enough animations, but more complicated ones like Vega, well that’s where the fun really begins.

You can see the hilarity ensue in the video below, as Luciano’s father struggles to recreate some of the more absurd victory poses. Earlier this year, Luciano had his father recreate taunt animations from Super Smash Bros. Wii U in two videos. Those poses are just as great as what you see here in the Street Fighter II video.

We can only hope that Luciano and his father will return to do even more poses and victory animations from other games. You certainly can’t short them on effort. Who would you get to recreate video game poses? Do you think Luciano’s dad is pretty accurate with his impression? Chime in with the comments below.


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