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All Game Modes Available in Star Wars Battlefront


All Game Modes Available in Star Wars Battlefront

The Force compels you to try them all.

There’s plenty to do in Battlefront besides taking down AT-AT’s in DICE’s new Star Wars shooter. There’s modes that support up to 40 players but also some that scale down the action for eight. And that’s just the Multiplayer. There’s also challenge modes that you can do by yourself or with another friend, as you try and survive multiple waves of Stormtroopers and their machines of war. Let’s go over what’s available at launch.

Walker Assault 

Star Wars Battlefront

In Star Wars Battlefront’s premiere game mode, you will play as either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. As the Rebel Alliance, you’re tasked with holding computer relays so that your Y-Wing bombers can target the AT-AT that are looming closer toward your home base. As the Empire, it’s your job to defend the relays from the Rebels, and to support your AT-ATs as you escort them closer into Rebel territory. This mode supports heroes from both sides as well.

Fighter Squadron

Star Wars Battlefront

If you ever wanted to live out your dreams of being a hero TIE Fighter or X-Wing pilot, then you’ll be playing quite a bit of this mode. Here players take to the sky to try and destroy both enemy AI and online opponents flying around the map. Every once in awhile, the game will spawn transport ships that you either have to protect or destroy for extra points. There’s also hero tokens to activate too. You can either control Boba Fett’s Slave-1 or Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon for extra firepower.


This mode is reminiscent of DICE’s other shooter series, Battlefield. Much like in Walker Assault, players will battle on massive maps whether it be on Hoth, Sullust, Tatooine or even Endor. Both the Rebels and the Empire need to capture key points on the map and hold them to generate points. Again, like Walker Assault, Supremacy allows for Hero characters to jump in the fray if you find the power up on the map.

Heroes vs Villains 

Star Wars Battlefront

When this game mode starts, three random members of your team will be selected to control powerful Hero characters. Same goes for your opponents. The rest of your team will be playing as regular infantry. Each hero has a certain amount of health, and if it reaches zero they’re eliminated. However, after they’re killed they can then respawn as infantry. Once all three heroes of either team is defeated, a point is awarded. First to five points wins the match.

Hero Hunt

Seven players will be go head-to-head with one member who has been selected to play as a hero. If you’re the hero, you will be tasked to executing all of the enemy forces on the battlefield. If you’re playing as a regular infantry soldier and manage to defeat the hero, you’re then allowed to play as the them. This multiplayer mode plays exactly like Halo’s Juggernaut mode.

Drop Zone

Escape pods crash land on the planet and your team has to race against the other to secure their landing zone. Once captured, teams will defend the escape pods to earn points. This game mode is 8v8 and can lead to some hectic but intimate firefights.


Star Wars Battlefront

This is Star Wars Battlefront’s version of Capture the Flag. You’re tasked with getting crates and escorting them back to your base for points. Just like Capture the Flag, you will also have to defend your crates from enemy scoundrels that are attempting to steal them.

Droid Run

More or less like King of the Hill or Domination, players will have to capture GNK Power Droids that are waddling around the map. They don’t move very fast and typically are seen circling the same area, but the problem is that your opponents are trying to capture them as well. There’s three of these droids on the map and just because you have one, doesn’t mean your opponents can’t re-capture it. So make sure to defend those droids. This is a smaller game mode focusing on 6v6 gameplay.


If you’re not into playing objective-type game modes, Blast is your go-to option. Basically, Blast is Team Deathmatch. With 10v10 gameplay, you can’t make excuses about overpowered vehicles. It’s fast paced and extremely competitive.

Missions (Co-Op)

Star Wars Battlefront

If playing online isn’t your thing, Star Wars Battlefront offers what they call Missions or Battles. In Survival, players can cooperate with a friend as they survive multiple waves of Imperial troopers. The game mode will throw out AT-STs, Shadow Troopers and Jet Troopers to reduce your chances of survival. You can also play Survival by your lonesome if you choose.

For a different take, you could try out their Battle game mode as well. Here you can either compete against the AI or a friend in a head-to-head competition. Here you have two different variations of the mode — either Heroes or regular Battle. When you select the default Battle game mode you’re playing as an infantry trooper trying to defeat other soldiers while collecting their points off of the ground — similar to Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed mode. Hero Battle Mode is just like it sounds, but instead of regular Battle mode, you can select a hero to play as.

That about wraps up all of the game modes available in Star Wars Battlefront. Are you excited to finally get your hands on the game this Tuesday? Which game mode are going to spend a majority of your time with? Let us know in the comments!

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