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All Game Modes Available in Star Wars Battlefront


All Game Modes Available in Star Wars Battlefront

The Force compels you to try them all.

There’s plenty to do in Battlefront besides taking down AT-AT’s in DICE’s new Star Wars shooter. There’s modes that support up to 40 players but also some that scale down the action for eight. And that’s just the Multiplayer. There’s also challenge modes that you can do by yourself or with another friend, as you try and survive multiple waves of Stormtroopers and their machines of war. Let’s go over what’s available at launch.

Walker Assault

In Star Wars Battlefront’s premiere game mode, you will play as either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. As the Rebel Alliance, you’re tasked with holding computer relays so that your Y-Wing bombers can target the AT-AT that are looming closer toward your home base. As the Empire, it’s your job to defend the relays from the Rebels, and to support your AT-ATs as you escort them closer into Rebel territory. This mode supports heroes from both sides as well.

Fighter Squadron

If you ever wanted to live out your dreams of being a hero TIE Fighter or X-Wing pilot, then you’ll be playing quite a bit of this mode. Here players take to the sky to try and destroy both enemy AI and online opponents flying around the map. Every once in awhile, the game will spawn transport ships that you either have to protect or destroy for extra points. There’s also hero tokens to activate too. You can either control Boba Fett’s Slave-1 or Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon for extra firepower.


This mode is reminiscent of DICE’s other shooter series, Battlefield. Much like in Walker Assault, players will battle on massive maps whether it be on Hoth, Sullust, Tatooine or even Endor. Both the Rebels and the Empire need to capture key points on the map and hold them to generate points. Again, like Walker Assault, Supremacy allows for Hero characters to jump in the fray if you find the power up on the map.

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