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Konami Trademarks ‘Big Boss’ for Possible Pachinko Game


Konami Trademarks ‘Big Boss’ for Possible Pachinko Game

Would you play a Big Boss pachinko machine?

Japanese Blog Esuteru has revealed that Konami has filed a new trademark for “Big Boss”, but don’t be expecting another Metal Gear Solid game anytime soon because the trademark was done by Konami’s pachinko company KPE.

Besides pachinko machines, the trademark also covers slot machines, exercise equipment, card games, arcade machines and more.

Despite recent reports claiming that Konami was shutting down all AAA console gaming production, the community manager of Konami UK Graham Day recently told Game On Daily that “The Metal Gear brand will continue,” though slot machines and pachinko machines probably weren’t what fans were hoping to hear.

So what’s your opinion on the news that Konami has trademarked the name “Big Boss”? Let us know in the comments below.

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