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Square Enix Partners with Indiegogo for the Collective


Square Enix Partners with Indiegogo for the Collective

Crowd funding has become a huge thing in this industry. Getting on the ground floor with Kickstarter and Indiegogo can prove very lucrative for fans and developers. Square Enix has been sitting on the sidelines looking at these games, and now they want in. In an effort to do a lot of different things, Square Enix has paired with Indiegogo to form the Collective. Indiegogo as you may all remember is a project that works in the same vein as Kickstarter to build development funds for a project by appealing to the masses.

This new initiative works to bring in the publishing and production expertise that Square Enix has attained over the years. By signing with the Collective, Square Enix and their community evaluates the project you have and determines if you have the proper tools to see it to completion. Upon approval, the game will be put up on Indiegogo where the masses can choose to fund your project. If you fail to reach your goal, Square Enix will offer advice on what steps you can bring forward to make your game a success.

While this seems like it might be a new hurdle for something people have been doing by themselves for years now, this does have some added benefits for the developers. First is that you do have the attention of a publisher, which may or may not help you with your first project, but will definitely help you in the long run. More important, you’ll be getting feedback on your pitch first, before you enter the crowd funding marketplace. Plenty of projects have gone through Kickstarter with terrible pitch videos and explanations that hindered their goals. This is a big plus for any developer that doesn’t have much experience in the pitch game.

Finally, there is one little tidbit that was added to spice the pot. Square Enix is looking to breathe some new life into some of their unused Eidos properties. Fear Effect, Gex, and Anachronox pitches are welcome through the Collective process. I’m sure this will be going through a much stricter process than the others, but the opportunity to work an established brand name title is huge for anybody.

The first three titles working with the Collective are Game of Glens from Ruffian Games, World War Machine from Tuque Games and Moon Hunters from Kitfox Games.

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