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What Is the Best Ship to Buy in Starfield? Explained

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Starfield’s Ship Services Technicians can provide you with a variety of ship choices that can improve your experience substantially. But, with so many options to pick, it can be overwhelming to decide which vessel is the most suitable for you, especially when the selection mandates a ton of credits. So, if you want to know the best ship to buy in Starfield, here’s everything you need to know about the game’s collection.

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Best Ship to Buy in Starfield (& How to Get It)

The Narwhal is the best ship to buy in Starfield due to its tremendously high stats with its Reactor, Gravity Drive, Shields, and Ballistic weapons. The vessel features the most balanced system in the game that can help you with defensive and offensive strategies. You can obtain this ship from Ryujin Industries’ Taiyo Astroneering level on Neon.

The Narwhal in Starfield
Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

The only problem is the fact that it costs 409,855 credits, yet it will be well worth the price once you see it in action. You can place a ton of inventory onboard thanks to its 1,768 Cargo Capacity, as well as a limit of seven crew members. On top of that, players can travel a considerable amount of distance while being protected by its advanced Shields and high-level Hull. Not only will the team be safely guarded, but you can also utilize Narwhal’s mighty weapons to take the enemy down.

If you aren’t sure where to find the store for the ship, you can check out our How to Join Ryujin Industries guide for more insight into the company. After you locate the building, you can use the main elevator to take you to Taiyo Astroneering, where you can speak to Veronica Young on the bottom floor.

Best Ship to Buy for Defense in Starfield

The Stronghold in Starfield
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The Stronghold is all about protecting the crew through its record-breaking Shields and Hull level. You’ll need to earn a hefty amount of credits to afford this ship, with its high price of 400,125 credits at Akila City (Cheyenne.) While it does showcase the highest value, the vessel is well worth the purchase, featuring a jump of 30 LY, 2,200 Fuel level, and 2,360 Cargo Capacity. That means you can store plenty of resources on your ship and simultaneously travel long distances.

While it isn’t as combat-heavy as the others, players can still upgrade/modify it to increase its performance for traveling or battles.

Best Ship to Buy for Offense in Starfield

The Shieldbreaker in Starfield
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Those who want to obliterate an enemy’s defense can purchase the Shieldbreaker for 279,425 credits at New Atlantis (Jemison.) It includes one of the highest Laser levels, which can help you take down opponents in a pinch. The vessel’s Engine, Gravity, and Shields can improve your defenses further, allowing you to dodge a foe’s attacks with its speedy movement.

Compared to others, the Shieldbreaker is the lowest in price and can be bought during the beginning stages of the game, so it’s an excellent idea to pick up this bad boy as a starter vehicle.

Now that you know the best ship to buy in Starfield, you can test out your new mode of transportation by learning how to fly faster or checking out any of the relevant links below for additional tips and tricks.

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