How to Join Ryujin Industries in Starfield (Back to the Grind Quest)

How to Join Ryujin Industries in Starfield (Back to the Grind Quest)

The corporate life awaits.

When it comes to Bethesda’s offerings, player choice is often an important part of the storytelling, and that often comes to life in the various questlines that are available. In Starfield, that could mean anything from a humble space explorer to a plundering pirate. For those who are more into the corporate lifestyle of espionage and corruption, it is absolutely vital to learn how to join Ryujin Industries in Starfield as part of the Back to the Grind quest.

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Joining Ryujin Industries in Starfield

To get the quest, players can either overhear certain NPCs talking about a job opening while out and about in New Atlantis, or head to the Volii system itself and find Volii Alpha; it is on this planet where there will be a landing site for Neon.

After arriving at Neon in Starfield, don’t get too distracted by all the bright lights and futuristic surroundings. It is time to join the ranks of Ryujin Industries and become an indispensable cog in the machine.

Joining Ryujin Industries in Starfield
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Head to Neon Core and hit up any of the Ryujin Industries terminals and fill in the job application. The answers appear to have no bearing on the quest, although padding the resume will be in line with the business players are looking to get into. Submit the answers and go over to the head office on the other side.

Coffee Run

After talking to Lane, players will need to go to Imogene to answer some questions as part of the process. Now, a new objective needs to be completed. As a new member of the team, it is now your responsibility to get coffee, specifically from Terrabrew.

Navigate the city to Terrabrew and before talking to the barista, be sure to save the game. Here, a troublemaker named Tomo interrupts the proceedings and pulls a gun. Do not choose violence, but instead, use Persuasion to calm him down. If things go south, reload and try again. Return to Imogene to share what happened, and distribute the coffee to everyone that needs one in the boardroom.

Starfield Tomo Terrabrew
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

Talk to Imogene once more, and a promotion will be fast-tracked, making players a Junior Operative. The time is now to get those hands dirty as part of Ryujin Industries.

Now that you are all caught up on how to join Ryujin Industries in Starfield as part of the Back to the Grind quest, things will only get more interesting. For more help, be sure to read up on how to pickpocket and steal and how to upgrade the suit. For everything else, be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information.

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