Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A380 & H145, Cirrus Vision Jet, Newark & Belfast Airports Get New Screenshots, Development Updates, & More

Today third-party developers have provided new assets and development updates about upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Vision Jet Image Source: FlightFX

Today third-party developers have provided new assets and development updates about upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We start with FlightFX, which posted on its Discord new images of its Cirrus Vision Jet SF50. This time around we see what the aircraft look like when starting from a cold and dark state.

All the covers and caps will be rendered, and we can even see the dynamic registration number on the protective cover.

Next is super-popular freeware developer FlyByWire, which posted on its discord with something rather juicy.

The first two screenshots below are from the group’s upcoming Airbus A380, showing the extreme level of detail of the flight deck texturing.

The team has been hard at work “adding animations, testing systems, and developing avionics behind the scenes” and apparently more images are coming soon.

The third and fourth screenshots come from the A32NX Airbus A320neo mod that is certainly making progress. The third shows the fully custom terrain radar which is nearing completion, while the fourth features the passenger and cargo loading page on the EFB.

Hype Performance Group also released an update for its Airbus H145 helicopter and its Action Pack, alongside a rather spectacular trailer of the firefighting version.

The Offshore and Cargo variants are being worked on and will be made available in early access soon alongside more activities.

Below you can check out the trailer and the changelog for both packages. This Build 300 (0.95) is considered the first stable version for both.

Base Pack Updates:

  • Flight Model: Big changes to inertia and feeling
  • Flight Model: Vortex Ring State is back (avoid descent exceeding 500fpm when relative wind is less than 25kt). Autopilot has VRS protection.
  • Add passengers and custom pilots for all variants (Asobo copilot option available)
  • Sound: Engine bladeslap, blade stall and Flight/Idle transition, cargo doors, switches, prime pumps- Some elements in the cockpit will now shake based on rotor condition
  • Engine startup smoke and fire VFX- Engine fire indications fire extinguishing system is implemented- Failures app, Sound Mixer app, H:Event Test app, new Equipment & Crew pages
  • Pilot heads now based on camera position
  • pilot & copilot are headless
  • Installed Helmet Mounted Display
  • Installed Tail Boom camera
  • Avionics: TDSSim and pms50 GTN750 are now swappable from the tablet Options page
  • Avionics: Various performance improvements- Avionics: Airspeed, Vertical Speed and Heading rose will now update at a higher rate
  • Add passengers and custom pilots for all variants (Asobo copilot option available)
  • Chin window plates are now selectable on some variants- Safety patches are now available for all variants (for aircraft storage)
  • Dual landing light is available for all variants
  • Various cosmetic and functional bugfixes throughout the aircraft such as fixes to MFD visuals and aircraft textures

Action Pack Updates:

  • Launch HEMS variant with new medical interior
  • Launch Firefighter variant with functional bambi bucket and utility interior
  • Launch H145 Mission System, a framework for building interactive scenarios for H145
  • Launch Scenario Editor, a graphical tool for building interactive scenarios for H145- Add manual hoist control & bindings, ability to set the hoist explicitly outside of a mission
  • Add Nearby Road Accident missions at hospitals and launchable from the library
  • Add Firefighting missions based on real world wildfires & add a data query Landfill mission
  • Third party objects are now supported in the H145 Mission System

We move on to airports with Drzewiecki Design, whch provided new work-in-progress screenshots of the upcoming Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR) in the United States. The airport is still slated for late Q4 2022, so there’s some time left before release.

Last, but definitely not least, we get to see more beautiful screenshots of the upcoming Belfast International Airport (EGAA) in Northern Ireland from Pyreegue.

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