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Who is The Voice Actor of Faruzan in Genshin Impact? Answered

Image source: HoYoverse

Who is The Voice Actor of Faruzan in Genshin Impact? Answered

Meet the voice actors of Faruzan in Genshin Impact.

HoYoverse has finally launched the Genshin Impact 3.3 update, which brought two new playable characters to the world of Tevyat. One of them, in particular, is Faruzan, a 4-Star Anemo Bow user. Like the other Genshin Impact characters, Faruzan’s voice lines are portrayed by two different voice-over artists, and many fans are curious to know about these voice actors. In this guide, we’ll show you who are the voice actors of Faruzan in Genshin Impact.

Chandni Parekh – Faruzan (English)

Chandni Parekh - Faruzan (English)
Image source: IMDB

Chandni Parekh, the dubbing artist behind Lola Bunny, is portraying Faruzan’s role in Genshin Impact. Chandi stepped into the voice industry in 2016 by taking on the role of Lacey and Alice from the popular The Loud House TV show.

Since then, the talented artist has lent her voice to several video games, and TV shows characters like Jenny from Big Nate, Lola Bunny from Bugs Bunny Builders, and Harley Quinn from Batwheels. Want to know more about Chandni Parekh? Make sure to visit her IMDB profile and follow her Instagram handle.

Horie Yui – Faruzan (Japanese)

Horie Yui - Faruzan (Japanese) voice actress
Image source: Giant Bomb

Born in 1976, Yui Horie is a female Japanese voice actress currently affiliated with VIMS and Starchild. Yukari stepped into the voice-over industry in 1997 by lending her voice to one of the leading characters from Voice Fantasia: Ushinawareta Voice Power.

Since then, she has played an array of prominent roles in movies and video games like Naru Narusegawa in Love Hina, Multi into Heart, Tohru Honda in Fruits Basket, Ayu Tsukimiya in Kanon, Yuki Cross in Vampire Knight, and Hanyuu in Higurashi When They Cry.

Apart from her voice-over career, Yui is also a successful singer. As a result of her hard work, she has performed solo at large music venues, such as the Nippon Budokan in 2009 and the Yoyogi National Gymnasium’s First Stadium in 2015.

That’s everything you need to know about Faruzan voice actors in Genshin Impact. Before leaving, don’t forget to check out some of our other Genshin Impact-related content here at Twinfinite, like the Best Faruzan Build guide in Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts & team and the best Wanderer (Scaramouche) build in Genshin Impact.

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