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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Growing Together Mods

Key Art for The Sims 4 Growing Together
Image Source: Maxis Studios

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Growing Together Mods

It’s all about the family.

The Sims mod community has always been a staple of the franchise with its immense range of customizable content and idiosyncratic builds. These features can help make the experience more personalized as it transcends the standard base game updates and expansion packs. Here’s everything you need to know about the top 10 best Sims 4 mods for the Growing Together EP to strengthen your family’s legacy.

School Holidays

School Holidays Mod in The Sims 4
Image Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite

Sometimes the stress and workload of young Sim’s school life can be rough, especially with the absence of holidays through the base game. Fortunately, players can attach this mod to give their family members a much-needed break during random intervals, giving them some time to take a vacation at the breezy Anchorpoint Abode rental in the new San Saquoia world.

The School Holidays mod typically lasts one to five days and can occasionally trigger after a kid/teenager has awakened. You’ll also unlock more vacations as time progresses, where you can catch up with homework or explore the latest structures with the family.

Chat Pack

The Sims 4 Chat Pack Mod
Image Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite

The Chat Pack mod increases the social interactions within the family, including classic dad jokes, telling other Sims about an illness, and the dreadful question of “Where do babies come from?” These talking points can give characters moodlet buffs ranging from Playful to Embarrassed, depending on the particular dialogue options. So, if you want to live out your dream of shouting out the iconic “Get off my lawn!” to some mischievous kids, you can do so with this incredibly amusing pack.

Wonderful Whims

Woohooing with the Wonderful Whims Mod
Image Source: Wonderful Whims

Those who want to expand the realistic approach of The Sims 4 should definitely install the Wonderful Whims mod, featuring an extensive amount of brand-new content for the Growing Together expansion pack. Not only will players get to practice safe sex with condoms and birth control (a more PG-rated approach to the popular Wicked Whims), but they will also undergo the female naturality of the menstrual cycle.

Besides these features, you can expect additional pregnancy and sex characteristics, like water breaks while in labor and catching an STD from an infected Sim. Players can also adjust attraction preferences with various body types, hair lengths, and clothing to maximize their character’s eccentric personality.

Better Nanny

The Sims 4 Second Nanny Mod
Image Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite

The new Infant update hosts a set of challenges that can sometimes feel frustrating as babies require more attention. That’s why it’s essential to use mods like Better Nanny to improve the mechanics of these temporary caregivers, considering that the base game only has a one-time service that lasts for 24 hours. In return, players won’t have to worry about hiring one each day and can rely on the enhanced interactions of these individuals with diaper changing and feeding.

In some cases, nannies will suddenly underperform in their job, causing your children to be taken away from the lack of needs. But, with this mod, you can rest easy as they replenish your family’s Motives, as well as hire a second nanny for Sims who need extra love and care.

Parenting Skills for Teens

Parenting Social Interactions in The Sims 4
Image Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite

Simmers with a full house can utilize the Parenting Skill for Teens mod to unlock the Parenting social category for teenagers and other family members. Without this content, these individuals cannot level up in this talent and are restricted to a limited number of dialogue interactions with kids, toddlers, and infants. However, the mod can fix this from happening and provide players with additional content to help maintain good-standing responsibility traits for the entire household.

Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound Sims 4 Mod
Image Source: LittleMsSam

Although Sims can experience the wonders of pregnancy, there aren’t as many activities for them to prepare for this significant event, primarily with doctor appointments. Luckily, the Ultrasound Scan brings more life to this duration by including gynecologist appointments, showcasing a glimpse of your little bundle of joy during the second and third trimesters. Players can also get a Happy moodlet buff when putting up their scan on walls with different colored frames, which can be shared with close relatives and friends.

Foster Family

The Sims 4 Foster Family Mod
Image Source: LittleMsSam

The Growing Together and Infant update furthers story options for families, such as a Science Baby, midlife crises, and platonic parenting relationships. And now, this aspect can continue to broaden with the Foster Family mod, establishing a home for most life stages. On top of that, you can develop foster care for animals and get the care they need from the vet.

If you want to adopt a child or pet, you can initiate this procedure at any time to welcome them into the family.

Lie on Lap Interaction for Kids

The Sims 4 Lie On Lap Mod
Image Source: Mercuryfoam

Family interactions just got a lot cuter with the Lie on Lap mod, permitting your Sims to cuddle up on the couch while watching a movie or TV show. From there, parents can comfort their children by stroking their hair and caressing their faces to boost Empathy and Emotional Control levels and fix bad moodlets. Furthermore, players can expect an increase in their Parenting skills and earn a few sentiments to maintain the household’s powerful bond.

Losing Tooth Visual Glitch Fix

The Sims 4 Growing Together Glitch
Image Source: Thunder1143

Since the Growing Together expansion pack is in its early stages, a few bugs and glitches can make the experience more challenging. In particular, many players have noted an odd appearance for young Sims caused by the new tooth feature, displaying a pitch-black or multicolor skin design. You can download the Losing Tooth Visual Glitch Fix mod to resolve this issue by overriding certain buffs and getting your characters back to normal.

Of course, the mod doesn’t entirely address the problem, but at least it gives you a temporary solution, given that there hasn’t been any news for a bug fix from EA.

All Beds Give the Same Energy

Beds in The Sims 4
Image Source: Cyclelegs

As a family, you’ll have various bedding options for all life stages, specifically for the small sizes of infants and toddlers. However, each product in Build Mode varies in terms of Energy relief and can often result in low stamina for the entire household. This is where the All Beds Give the Same Energy mod comes in to reduce the risk of fainting from lack of sleep and unlock a positive Emotion buff to give your Sim some peace of mind.

That covers everything you need to know about the best Growing Together mods. For more content, be sure to check out the relevant links below, including our list of the best Sims 4 mods.

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