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What’s New in The Sims 4 Infant Update? Everything You Need to Know

Enough new features to make you go gaga.

The latest Sims 4 base game update adds a ton of new features, objects, and even a whole new life stage to the world of the Sims. Here’s everything you’ll find in the Sims 4 Infants Update, now live for all PC, Mac, and console players.

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More Realistic Newborns

Newborn Infants Update Sims 4
Screenshot by Twinfinite via EA/Maxis Studios

Prior to the update, there was only one life stage before toddlers — Babies. That life stage is now called “Newborns,” and the devs have made a lot of quality-of-life updates for this time in every Sim’s life.

Newborns now have a full range of skin tones (previously only three) and eye colors (previously only one), making them more realistic and more genetically similar to their Sim parents.

Caring for Newborns is a lot smoother and more realistic now. Sims no longer pick up and put down Newborns between every care action. Now, once a Sim picks up a Newborn, they will hold it until they’re done caring for it. Caregiver Sims will also have to clean up diaper trash and empty bottles. And children can now bond with their Newborn siblings with the “Entertain” interaction at the bassinet.

If you have the Seasons EP installed, your Newborns are now responsive to weather. That means you can’t chuck the baby outside because you don’t want to listen to it cry anymore. Wait, what? I didn’t… I mean… who would do such a thing? That’s… wrong…

Science Babies

Science Baby Sims 4 Infants Update
Screenshot by Twinfinite via EA/Maxis Studios

The Infants update adds an exciting new feature — Science Babies. Sims can now have science babies with other Sims, regardless of whether they have a romantic relationship. When two Sims have a friendly enough relationship, they can “Ask to have Science Baby” with the other Sim.

If they agree, the Sims will travel to the hospital to have their Science Baby for §1,200. They’ll return with a Newborn who is genetically related to both Sims, no pregnancy required! This means Sims can have surrogacy stories, sperm donor relationships, and even platonic co-parenting families.

New Infants Life Stage

Infants Life Stage Sims 4 Update
Screenshot by Twinfinite via EA/Maxis Studios

After one in-game day, Newborn Sims age up into the brand new life stage — Infants. These young members of the Sim family have all the same needs as older Sims, and their caregivers are responsible for meeting them.

Not only are these Infants incredibly cute, but they also add a whole new level of gameplay to the Sims world. Sims of all ages can interact with them in new ways, such as playing peek-a-boo and cuddling them to sleep on the couch while they scroll their phones.

Infant Traits

Sims 4 Infant Update Traits
Screenshot by Twinfinite via EA/Maxis Studios

Prior to this update, Babies were pretty much all alike. They cried once in a while when they needed to be fed or changed, and as long as you clicked everything on their social menu a couple of times a day, they were happy.

Infants are much more complex and unique thanks to their new traits. Infant Sims can be Cautious, Sensitive, Calm, Intense, Wiggly, or Sunny, and the trait you choose (or randomly select) impacts how they interact with the world. Sensitive Infants, for example, need more frequent diaper changes or they might get rashy, while Intense Infants have extra big feelings, whether they’re happy or sad.

New CAS Customizations

Sims 4 Infants Update CAS
Screenshot by Twinfinite via EA/Maxis Studios

The CAS catalog is now full of tons of new Infant items. Of course, Infants get some adorable outfits, including cloth diapers, cute onesies, cozy pajamas, and even overalls.

Infant Sims can also wear glasses and helmets, both of which have lots of fun color swatches. Their hairstyles are impressively realistic, with natural hair textures, wispy styles, and precious ponytails. And you can give them stork bites, which are special birthmarks that fade as Sims age.

But Infants aren’t the only ones getting new CAS features. Older Sims can have birthmarks now, too, as well as other signs of age and life experience like stretch marks and C-section scars.

Extended Lifespans

Extended Lifespans
Image Source: EA/Maxis Studios

Newborns are now a shorter life stage than before, lasting only one Sim day before they age up on their own. But all other Sim life stages have been extended, even playing on normal lifespan.

This means that older Sims have more time to interact with and bond with their children, watching them grow up and have children of their own.

A Working High Chair

Sims 4 Infants Update High Chair
Screenshot by Twinfinite via EA/Maxis Studios

A working high chair may not seem like much, but it definitely deserves its own subheading. High chairs are no longer broken and are now functional furniture items that Sims can use with Toddler and Infant Sims.

Unlike Toddlers, however, Infant Sims still get most of their nutritional needs from breast or bottle feeding. For them, the high chair is another way of exploring the world by trying out new foods. Depending on their traits, they may love a wide variety of things, or they may be more cautious and reluctant to enjoy baby food.

New Build/Buy Mode Objects

Sims 4 Infants Update Crib
Screenshot by Twinfinite via EA/Maxis Studios

The youngest members of the Sim family are no longer confined to a plain, boring bassinet. There are now additional styles and swatches of bassinets for Newborn Sims to match more of your home’s furniture.

Once Newborns age up to Infants, they can sleep in one of several new cribs. These cribs can be upgraded with mobiles and even converted to toddler beds by handy Sims as Infants grow out of their cribs. Each crib is designed to go with other children’s furniture in the Sims, so they’ll match your existing nursery designs, and the portable crib can be dragged around your Sims’ home or put in their inventory to travel with around town.

There are also three new sensory toys for Infants, plus toy baskets, bookshelves, baby clutter, and lots and lots of rugs.


Sims 4 Infant Update Babyproofing
Screenshot by Twinfinite via EA/Maxis Studios

The Build/Buy catalog has a new kid-themed fence, but Sims can now Apply Baby Proofing to any door and any gate in the game. This means that they can keep all Infant and Toddler Sims out of places where they don’t belong or keep them in designated play areas so your Adult Sims can pee in peace.

Attachment Mechanic

Sims 4 Infants Update Attachment Mechanic
Screenshot by Twinfinite via EA/Maxis Studios

The interactions between caregivers and Infants are more than just a cute gameplay feature — they have a lasting impact on an Infant Sim’s personality thanks to the new Attachment Mechanic. Infants whose parents and caregivers are attentive will feel well cared for, while less concerned parents may have Infants who feel neglected.

Depending on how well or poorly an Infant is cared for, they may get certain reward traits that impact how confident and secure they feel in the world as they grow. Neglected Infants can get the Unhappy Infant Trait, while better cared-for Infants will get the Happy Infant or Top-Notch Care trait.

What’s your favorite new feature in the Sims 4 Infants Update, now live on PC, Mac, and consoles? Let us know in the comments! And before you go, be sure to check out our other Sims 4 content in the links below.

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