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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Top 5 Best Team Combinations to Try

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Top 5 Best Team Combinations to Try

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has a huge roster of over 30 characters, with even more on the way in the future. With such a wide array of characters to choose from, it can be daunting when you’re trying to build your own team. Luckily, we’ve got a few recommendations on some of the best teams in the game, that we’ve found. So here are our recommendations for the top 5 best team combinations to try in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. 

Before we go into the five teams, we should say that these are just recommendations and realistically you can play as any team of heroes in Ultimate Alliance 3 and do just fine. There are, of course, teams that excel above others, but don’t be afraid to play as your favorite hero.

Finally, two of our teams feature Magneto, who takes a bit of extra work to unlock, but boy is he worth it. We have a whole guide covering how to unlock Magneto.

Top 5 Best Team Combinations to Try in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

1 – Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye – Team Bonus – 2.0 Strength, 3.0 Mastery, 2.0 Vitality, 6.0 Energy

Any Avengers team is already a great pick, but the four above are probably the best out of the bunch when put together. To start, you get a nice team bonus to your stats across the board, but especially to Energy which dictates how much EP your characters have and how fast it regenerates.

This is especially useful for this team as you’ll want Captain America to constantly use his Super Soldiers ability, which boosts the attack of your entire team for a short time.

Thor and Hulk serve as deadly tanks for this team, and many of their abilities have Synergy attacks. Then Captain America serves as a mid-range fighter and buffer, while Hawkeye is your long-range master, and he’s easily one of the best long-range characters in the game.

On top of that, Hawkeye can Synergy with all three of the other characters, meaning you can constantly launch Synergy attacks as him.

2- Ghost Rider, Deadpool, Black Panther, Magneto – Team Bonus – 8.0 Strength, 3.0 Resistance, 2.0 Vitality

This team is entirely based around attacking fast and hard, and constantly keeping the pressure up on enemies. Ghost Rider is a great crowd controller with attacks and abilities that can hit a wide area, as well as his bike ability that has him blaze across the entire battlefield in a straight line.

On the opposite end you have Black Panther, who’s great at darting from enemy to enemy and hitting them with quick and deadly damage. These two alone can wreak some serious havoc during battle, but then you throw in Magneto and Deadpool to top things off.

Magneto is a great pick for any team as he can draw in groups of enemies and clump them together, setting up combos. Deadpool is great for following up on Magneto, since he has abilities that can cause a lot of localized damage, especially with Make it Rain. Magneto and Deadpool also, strangely, have a lot of Synergy attacks that work together.

Basically, Black Panther is there to break stagger bars and cause quick damage, Ghost Rider is there for crowd control and comboing, and Magneto and Deadpool are there to combo even further.

3 – Wolverine, Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Psylocke – Team Bonus – 10.0 Strength, 2.0 Vitality, 1.0 Energy

Remember how we said Magneto is a great fit for any team? Well, we meant it, and he’s easily one of the best characters in the entire game. Magento and Wolverine function on the same idea as Magneto and Deadpool. Wolverine’s attacks are crazy powerful, but they can oftentimes be hard to control.

Magneto helps with that by drawing enemies into crowds, then letting Wolverine unleash his rage on them. Psylocke can back this up as her melee abilities have a decent area-of-effect, and many of them have Synergy with Wolverine and Magneto.

Scarlet Witch, on the other hand, is a totally range-focused character, but many of her projectiles hit a wide area or even multiple enemies. Again, Magneto can setup combos for her by grouping enemies together.

Considering you get even more of a strength boost for this team than the last, Psylocke and Wolverine are going to be doing the heavy lifting, while Magneto and Scarlet Witch serve as great support.

4 – Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Miles Morales – Team Bonus – 2.0 Strength, 8.0 Durability, 2.0 Mastery

The Defenders get a huge boost to their melee defense when put together, makes sense right? Despite that fact, however, this team is a great offensive one that can cause a ton of damage.

This team excels at breaking stagger gauges quickly, as both Luke Cage and Iron Fist have abilities that cause a ton of stagger damage. Luke Cage’s Harlem Express and Iron Fist’s Thunder Kick are both meant for breaking gauges, so having the two team up can quickly stun an enemy.

While both of those characters are focused on causing a lot of damage to one enemy, Daredevil is better at a bit of crowd control. Blind Fury and Billy Club Blitz can damage wide areas of enemies and keep them busy while others combo off of it.

Daredevil can also increase your team’s damage output by using Radar Sense, which increases the amount of damage enemies in a set area around him take.

Miles Morales gets added into this team because of his high damage output and range. With the other team members breaking stagger gauges and Daredevil keeping enemies locked in place, Miles is a great way to cause a ton of damage fast with his High Voltage Lines or Web Shooter.

5 – Wasp, Captain Marvel, Storm, Gamora – Team Bonus – 2.0 Resistance, 1.0 Vitality, 5.0 Energy

The women of Marvel always get a nice boost to their stats whenever you put them together, and the Energy boost this team gets definitely comes in handy.

Both Wasp and Storm are incredibly powerful ranged characters that can pepper enemies from a distance with a wealth of abilities and projectiles. Big Surprise for Wasp and Lightning Storm for Storm are particularly useful abilities, since they can hit a wide area and stun any enemy they hit.

Moving onto the other two team members, Captain Marvel and Gamora are both fantastic melee characters with a lot of damage output. Captain Marvel’s Photon Punch and Cosmic Burst can hit wide areas, while her Cosmic Beam causes a ridiculous amount of damage when it’s powered up.

Gamora, on the other hand, is more of a hit and run character, darting in and out of groups to cause quick damage. When combining all four of these characters, and their Synergies, you can cover a wide range of damage.

Those are our recommendations for the top 5 best team combinations to try in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. If you have any other teams that you think are great, feel free to drop them down in the comments below.

For even more tips and info, be sure to check out our Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 guide wiki. Here are a few other guides you might want to check out.

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