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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Beat Final Boss

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Beat Final Boss

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is chock full of difficult boss battles, and they only get harder as you get further through the game. Of course, this all culminates in the final boss battle, which will be the ultimate test of your team’s abilities. With that, here’s how to beat the final boss in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

*Spoiler Warning* As we’ll be discussing the final boss of the game, there are massive spoilers ahead for the story. If you don’t want to know who the final boss is, or one of the twists in the story, we suggest turning away now.

How to Beat Final Boss in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Party Composition

The first thing we should say is that in this final battle character levels and damage output basically trump everything. So the best thing we can recommend is that you bring the four heroes that are your highest levels into this battle, despite who they are. Of course, use any and all Alliance Enhancements points and level up your ISO-8s as much as possible.

Even though level is the best thing we can recommend, there are two other recommendations we might make. A character with buffs is a good choice for the final battle, so bring someone like Captain America who can use Super Soldiers to increase your team’s attack damage, or Daredevil with Radar Sense which increased damage enemies take.

The other good idea is to bring a hero that’s good at depleting stagger gauges, like Luke Cage or Black Panther. Use Luke Cage’s Harlem Express or Black Panther’s Vibranium Slash to lower the stagger gauge quickly.

Beating Thanos

Despite what you might think, Thanos actually isn’t the final boss of Ultimate Alliance 3, but you do have to fight him first. Thanos might arguably be tougher than the next fight, as he’s almost constantly launching attacks at you.

The best thing you can do here is attack in waves. When Thanos has switched to slower melee attacks close in and unleash as many attacks as you can, and if you brought a hero like Luke Cage like we said above just spam their move that depletes the stagger gauge, in an effort to break Thanos.

Don’t’ stick around too long, however, as Thanos will quickly switch to more dangerous and devastating energy attacks.

Basically, the idea is that you don’t want to just keep continuously attacking. Don’t be afraid to back off and focus on dodging attacks for a while, as this battle is a test of endurance as much as anything else.

If one of your teammates gets downed don’t immediately rush to revive them, instead wait until Thanos is using melee attacks to get an opening for reviving. Remember the revival system is super generous so as you’re filling the revival gauge you can stop and dodge, and the gauge progress will remain.

Just stick with the idea of attacking in waves, and you’ll eventually take Thanos down. Now it’s time for the true final boss.

Beating Thane

That’s right, this time you’re actually teaming up with Thanos to defeat his son, Thane. This battle is arguably easier than the last, because you’ll have Thanos throwing blows at the boss the entire time.

The same idea as the last battle applies here too, attack in waves, moving in when Thane is using melee attacks and backing off when he’s using ranged or energy attacks.

Partway through the battle Thane will bring a blue Infinity Crystal crashing down onto the battlefield. This will change up his attack pattern so he makes blue time pools appear on the ground that suck you in. He also has a new move where he teleports you right next to him, so just be aware of that happening and be ready to dodge out.

As the battle goes on Thane will bring down other Infinity Crystals, turning the battlefield a new color and gaining a new power. Green gives him the ability to teleport with the time stone, red will let him summon copies with the reality stone (take them down first), purple will let him use a giant radial blast with the power stone, and yellow will let him create a whirlpool that confuses your character with the mind stone.

Thane will start using all of these attacks together so it really just becomes a matter of trying to cause as much damage as you can while avoiding as much as you can.

Don’t be afraid to just focus on dodging and let Thanos whittle down the boss’ stagger bar. Like every other boss battle, if you build up an Extreme attack try and save it until Thane is staggered, so you can make sure to hit him with it.

Once you bring Thane’s health bar all the way down, unfortunately it’s not over, as the boss will revive himself with a bit of HP using the Soul Stone.

He doesn’t gain any new attacks at this point, but he will start using all of his attacks even faster. At this phase of the battle it becomes almost impossible to dodge Thane’s attacks, and he’ll constantly teleport you close to him. So now what you need to do is cause as much damage as possible, as quickly as possible.

Use everything you have at your disposal; constantly use Synergy attacks, break his stagger bar as quickly as possible, and generally just keep the pressure up on him.

Once you bring his HP down again, that’s it, you’ve beaten Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3; congratulations.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat the final boss in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. For even more tips and info you can take a look at our Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 guide wiki. At the same time, here are a few other guides you might find helpful.

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