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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Unlock Magneto

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Unlock Magneto

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 brings together some of the most iconic heroes from across Marvel history for a brand new experience. Of course, not all the characters on your team are your typical “heroes,” like the leader of the Hellfire Club, Magento. Here’s how to unlock Magneto in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

How to Unlock Magneto in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Magneto will first pop up in Chapter 5 when you visit the Xavier Insitute. Of course, he’ll first appear as a villain that you have to fight, with an Infinity Stone in hand and all. After you’ve beaten Magneto he’ll join your “Alliance,” but he won’t be immediately playable, unfortunately.

At this point, you’ll unlock the second Infinity Trials rift, Psi. At the top right you’ll see a node with a character portrait of Magneto, and you’ll need to play through the map until you’ve beaten one of the ones that touch that node. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fully unlock the last node until you’ve beaten Chapter 7.

Once you’ve done that you can take on the trial, which is a level 38 boss wave against Klaw and 2 other bosses. It’s not a hugely difficult battle, so just bring your strongest team and outfit them with good ISO-8s.

Once you’ve beaten the battle, Magento will automatically be added to your character select screen at level 38.

He’s easily one of the best characters in the entire game, and Magneto’s attacks have the unique property of pulling enemies together, making him perfect for setting up combos from other heroes.

Make sure to experiment, and try Magneto out with a bunch of different teams and heroes.

That covers everything you need to know about how to unlock Magneto in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. For even more tips and info make sure to search Twinfinite, or you can check out our Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 guide wiki.

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