how to unlock gsk faction in XDefiant
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How to Unlock GSK Faction in XDefiant

XDefiant's new GSK Faction comes at a cost.

XDefiant’s Season 1 has finally launched with many new features to explore. One of these additions is a brand new faction, the GSK. However, you don’t just get to use it immediately, so here’s how to unlock the GSK faction in XDefiant.

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XDefiant GSK Faction Requirements

xdefiant gsk faction challenge
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There are two different ways you can unlock XDefiant’s GSK faction. You can unlock it using in-game currency, or earn it via major challenges like the Dedsec faction. For players looking to play the new faction immediately at the launch of Season 1, there’s still work ahead of you.

There are two ways to unlock the GSK using in-game currency. You can spend 1,000 XCoins to unlock the use of the faction but only have access to Stark. If you want the Extraction Force for the full experience, it’ll be 2,500 XCoins. 1,000 XCoins costs $9.99 USD, but the next step up is 3,000 for $24.99 USD.

You can also unlock the GSK faction in XDefiant by completing the Major Challenge. Manually select it from the menu if you still haven’t finished the challenge to unlock the Dedsek faction. Once activated, you’ll have to earn 700,000 XP, and then you’ll be able to play the faction to your heart’s content.

XDefiant GSK Faction Contents

xdefiant gsk faction requirements
Image Source: Ubisoft via Twinfinite

Unlocking the GSK faction will unlock the three GSK Specialists: Stark, Kaptan, and Krieger. Once you’ve chosen your preferred character, you can enjoy the passive benefits of the faction. You’ll have a Hard Hat which negates some headshot damage, and your Ultra will be a Flash Shield, which stuns enemies and gives you cover as you use your sidearm.

You can then choose between two different abilities, Shockwire and ADS. Shockwire is a reel of electrified barbed wire that slows enemy movement and shocks them simultaneously. ADS stands for Active Defense System, which will intercept enemies’ thrown equipment when it’s in range.

If you choose to purchase XDefiant’s GSK faction using XCoins, what you spend will determine what you can access in the faction. The 1,000 XCoin tier will only let you use Stark, while the 2,500 XCoin Extraction Force will get you all three operators, a GSK player card, and Extraction skins for Krieger and the M4A1.

That’s all there is for how to unlock the GSK faction in XDefiant. Season 1 did lead to some server downtime, but if you’re getting the Mike-01 error code, check out our guide to get back into the action.

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