XDefiant Season 1 GSK faction
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XDefiant Season 1 Release Time Countdown

Season 1 is almost upon us!

Season 1 of XDefiant is right around the corner. The first major expansion in Ubisoft’s competitive arena shooter promises to add plenty of new features. Here’s everything you need to know about the exact XDefiant Season 1 release time in your region!

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When Is the XDefiant Season 1 Release Time?

The XDefiant Season 1 release time is July 2, 2024 exactly 6 AM PST/9 AM EST/2 PM BST.

Players will be able to jump into Season 1 of XDefiant when it releases at this time on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It’s very important to note that there will be some scheduled downtime for the XDefiant servers in preparation for the Season 1 release.

Thankfully for those needing their XDefiant fix, this scheduled maintenance will only last two hours, meaning the latest players will be able to play Season 1 is at 8 AM PST/11 AM EST/4 PM BST. This was confirmed by the official XDefiant X (previously Twitter) account:

What to Expect From XDefiant Season 1

As the much anticipated first major content drop for Ubisoft’s flagship free-to-pay shooter, there’s a bucketload of content on offer for XDefiant Season 1. It’s set to bring a completely new faction to play around with, three brand new maps, a new multiplayer mode, and Ranked play. Ubisoft also released Patch Notes for additional gameplay changes coming to Season 1.

Clubhouse map XDefiant Season 1
Image Source: Ubisoft

Here’s everything coming to XDefiant in Season 1:

  • New Faction: GSK
    • The GSK faction brings Team Rainbow operators from the iconic Rainbow Six franchise into the fold. Running the GSK faction will bring more tactical elements to multiplayer, including the ability to counter enemy devices with an Active Defence System, control areas with electrified barbed wire, and make use of the G52-Tactical Shield.
  • Three new maps
    • Clubhouse is the first new map coming to Season 1 on day one. It encourages short-to-mid-range firefights as you navigate multiple floors.
    • Rockefeller is a reimagining of the iconic New York ice rink. This map introduces much more cover to weave in and out of, as well as a healthy amount of vantage spots to take out your enemies from a distance.
    • Daytona is one for the petrolheads out there. You’ll be engaging in tense skirmishes along a stylish raceway that’s set to allow for mid-range and close-combat encounters.
  • Ranked Play
    • Ranked Play finally makes its proper introduction to XDefiant, pitting you against players of similar skill in 4v4 matches. Ranked Play introduces specific rulesets that are more challenging than what you’d find in casual playlists. You’ll gain exclusive rewards as you rank up.
  • New Weapons
    • LVOA-C Assault Rifle
    • L115 Sniper Rifle
    • Sawed-Off Shotgun secondary weapon
  • New 90-Tier Battle Pass
    • Includes new character and weapon cosmetics, MVP Player Animations, Player Cards, and more!

That’s all there is to know about the XDefiant Season 1 Release Time and what the game’s first season entails. For more on XDefiant, be sure to check out the five Ubisoft game locations we’d love to see as XDefiant maps. We’ve also got a best weapons tier list and how to get XP and weapon boosters in XDefiant.

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