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How To Get More XP in Fortnite by Completing Multiple Milestones in One Match

Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

How To Get More XP in Fortnite by Completing Multiple Milestones in One Match

Weekly challenges aren’t the only way to get XP.

Fortnite has always been generous when it comes to giving its players chances of getting enough XP every season. Things got even better last year when Chapter 3: Season 4 – Paradise arrived, introducing Milestones, a set of quests with 20 levels each that would grant you tons of XP to finish the Battle Pass. The Milestones were a little bit nerfed since then, but they’re still very helpful, especially if you want to go further than the 100 tiers in the Battle Pass to get extra rewards. Even though the milestones are pretty straightforward, many players ignore them – so here are some of the easiest milestones that you’ll be able to make progress towards all in one match in Fortnite.

Always Do Your Daily Quests

Fortnite daily quests page.
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

One of the first things you should do before loading into a match is check your daily quests. The challenges can be simple like ‘Restore health’ or a little more elaborate like ‘Get headshots against opponents,’ but there’s nothing that would take too much of your time. Every day at 9am EST your daily missions will refresh and you’ll get three new ones. Each one gives you 15,000 XP, so if you complete all three, it’s an easy 45,000 XP every day in your Battle Pass grind.

There’s also the ‘Complete daily quests’ Milestone, which is perfect because they keep refreshing every time you finish one, so adding daily quests into your routine can help to tackle the Milestone, resulting in more XP.

Be Polite, Thank the Bus Driver

Battle bus in Fortnite.
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

‘Thank the bus driver’ is by far the easiest Milestone… but it’s the one players forget to do most often. As soon as the game starts and you’re still inside the Battle Bus, make sure to thank the bus driver by pressing the down arrow on the d-pad or ‘B’ on the keyboard.

It may seem like it’ll take forever to complete this milestone, but if you’re going to play a few matches of Fortnite, it’s always worth thanking the bus driver every game in order to get this challenge done faster.

Search Every Ammo Box and Chest

Searching a chest in Fortnite.
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

Loot is everything in any Battle Royale game. In Fortnite it’s no different, you have plenty of Treasure Chests and Ammo Boxes scattered all over the map in the most bizarre locations.

From the moment you land, open as many as you can find, even after you already have sufficient loot. Besides making progress on your ‘Search chests or ammo boxes’ Milestone, you also get a small amount of XP every time you open one. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to have extra ammo and there’s always the possibility of finding even higher-rarity weapons.

Find Better Weapons To Get Damage Done

Claire Redfield skin shooting in Fortnite.
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

Guns in any shooting game are a very personal topic. What works for someone else might not work for you and that’s okay. But in this MEGA season, some new and unvaulted guns help players get in-game achievements – which is another Milestone – very fast. A good set of weapons combined with some skill will grant you the ‘Damage opponents’ Milestone and eventually the ‘Eliminate opponents’ one as well.

It’s typically recommended to have an AR for medium range, SMG or Shotgun for up close, and a special weapon for long range or something situational. I’d suggest finding the Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle, Combat Shotgun, Heavy Sniper Rifle, or Kinetic Blade. If your aim is bad, it’s worth throwing down some Fireflies to get some extra damage as well.

Use Vehicles To Move Around the Map

Claire Redfield riding a motorcycle in Fortnite.
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

Rotating the map using a vehicle will help you travel to new locations, get loot faster, and will also help you quickly escape opponents, and survive longer, which is necessary for the ‘Outlast players’ Milestone. If you want easy XP, always using a vehicle to get around the map is especially great for the ‘Travel distance in a vehicle’ Milestone.

The newly added Rogue Bike and Nitro Drifter are the fastest vehicles in the game right now and can be found everywhere, especially at Mega City. After you’re looted up, try to always find a vehicle – it might not be the most stealthy way to get around, but it’s worth it for the XP. Avoid driving over rough surfaces like grass or dirt because they will reduce your speed.

For More Loot, Damage & Vehicles, Land at a Hot Spot

Claire Redfield landing at Mega City in Fortnite.
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

Fortnite changes its map every season, either updating the locations that already exist or completely replacing them with new locations. In this current season, MEGA, we got a massive Neo-Tokyo-inspired area called Mega City, which typically attracts the biggest number of players in the match. If you already have some expertise with Fortnite or shooting games in general, that’s the best location to land as it has great loot, a good number of opponents to eliminate, and lots of vehicles available.

There’s also a chance of facing the Highcard boss in Mega City, who can grant you some of the best items in the game – which might help with some of the other Milestones, such as getting damage done and eliminating opponents.

Make Space for Shields

Claire Redfield drinking a shield potion in Fortnite.
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

Getting your shield bar filled is quite necessary to survive in Fortnite. You’ll find different kinds of them when opening Treasure Chests. Any shield counts for the Gain shields Milestone, so don’t hesitate to drink what you have before getting into a fight – if you have time, of course. But if things are calm around, go the old-fashioned way with the Small Shield Potions followed by the big Shield Potion.

Stack Chug Splashs (maximum 6) and Shield Kegs (maximum 2) to heal yourself until the end of the match. When it comes down to choosing between carrying medkits or shields, it’s best to choose shields to make progress on your Milestones.

Activate Augments Every 2 and a Half Minutes

Activating augments in Fortnite.
Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

Reality Augments are buffs that your character can enable during a match. Introduced in Chapter 4: Season 1, there are 4 of them per game, from saving ammo to moving faster, they can make a huge difference in gameplay. They’re back on the Milestones page as well with the ‘Activate Augments’ task.

You’ll be notified on the right corner of the screen when an Augment becomes available, press ‘right’ on the D-pad or ‘7’ on the keyboard to choose between 2 options of abilities. Make sure you always activate them around every 2 minutes and a half so you can finish this challenge faster. Try activating the ‘Dignified Finish’, ‘Treasure Hunter’, and ‘Supercharged’ Augments to help you get even more Milestones done.

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