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How to Disable Turrets in Lethal Company

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Lethal Company is a cooperative horror game where things like turrets can and will kill you in seconds. However, you can deactivate them for a period of time. Read on to discover how to disable turrets in Lethal Company.

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Disabling Turrets in Lethal Company

We’ll cut straight to the chase. To turn off turrets in Lethal Company, you’ll need one person to scan the turret to reveal a two-digit letter-number code. Then, someone on the ship must type that code into the Terminal to shut the turret down. Do be warned that the turret will only be down for a few seconds before reactivating, so your team will need to move fast.

Monitoring the crew while in the ship in Lethal Company
Image Source: Zeekerss via Twinfinite

Can You Destroy Turrets in Lethal Company?

Unfortunately, as a squishy crewman of four for the corporation and the farthest thing from Master Chief, you cannot harm or move the turret. This means that the only way to deal with turrets is by disabling them and coordinating properly with the person operating the ship’s console.

While this is not the case with security doors, as they stay open, you must heavily coordinate with your team to ensure they can all get by the turret in that crucial two-second time frame. Or you can be like me and get gunned down by a turret on the far end of a long hallway with no rooms or anything to hide behind.

Tips for Dealing With Turrets in Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, turrets could be one of the trickiest traps to evade. In all of my playthroughs, I’ve spotted one before hearing it beep right next to me in only 30% of cases at most. Fortunately, their range is sort of limited, and they take a couple of seconds to arm before shooting you.

The best thing to do once you hear it beep and locate it is to sprint around it. Their rotation is slow, and you can just run past them most of the time. It’s important that you refrain from wasting your stamina while indoors since the turrets aren’t the only entities you should be ready to run from.

That’s all you need to know about disabling turrets in Lethal Company. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game. If you have no idea where to start, I recommend our article about weather conditions in Lethal Company. Knowing what they do is crucial when choosing which moon you should visit next.

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