Farming Simulator 17: How to Buy Animals (Cows, Sheep, Pigs)

Farming Simulator 17, as you would expect, allows you to buy a variety of different animals. Livestock are a great source of income, even if they’re a bit pricey to have at first. You can choose from either pigs, cows, or sheep. Each one has different products and pros, as well as cons. You start with chickens, by the way, in case you’re wondering. They’re very low maintenance and will lay you eggs occasionally. But you’re probably wondering how you can increase your livestock armada.

To buy other animals in Farming Simulator, head over to the icon that looks like a cow’s head with a dollar sign on it. It’s the animal dealer, and you can drive over or fast travel. In the town I chose, this was found in the bottom right of the map. Once you’re there, you simply need to walk or drive atop the loading area and you should see a prompt to be able to open up the shop menu (L3 on consoles). From that menu, you can choose your new animals.

If you drove up in a trailer that transports animals, you’re good to roll out with the animals you buy. However, if you just walked up or drove in with a vehicle that isn’t able to transport them, you will be charged extra to have them delivered for you.

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