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Does Shadow of the Erdtree Have Seamless Co-Op?

Miyazaki has stated his views on Elden Ring's Seamless Co-op mod

Seamless Co-op was one of the most popular mods for the base version of Elden Ring due to how much it improved the game’s co-op systems. Players who experienced the game with the mod installed are now wondering if Shadow of the Erdtree will have Seamless Co-Op available. Luckily, we might have the answer to this question.

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Miyazaki’s Comments on Seamless Co-op Mod

In a recent interview when asked about his opinions on the Seamless Co-op mod, Hidetaka Miyazaki stated “It’s definitely not something we actively oppose or want to downplay, wanting to go through the whole game together,”. He further elaborated that “In terms of where we were with Elden Ring, it was simply a case of wanting that more loose, casual style—drop in, defeat a boss, drop out. It doesn’t put any technical restrictions on the player, it just sort of lets them complete this focus and then move on, so to speak.”

The Seamless Co-op mod is the most popular mod for Elden Ring with over 11 million views on its page on Nexus Mods alone. While FromSoftware is known as a company that sticks to its guns and follows its own vision, this popularity can’t be ignored altogether.

Will Shadow of the Erdtree Support Seamless Co-op?

Miyazaki’s supportive comments and the trend of FromSoftware’s games becoming more and more co-op friendly with each instalment suggests that the company is not opposed to experiencing the game through Seamless Co-op. Shadow of the Erdtree will likely continue to have the base game’s co-op and summoning mechanics because the bosses have only become harder since. As such, we can expect that the DLC will seamlessly support Seamless Co-op, and in case it doesn’t, we can expect a few tweaks from the modding community to seamlessly fix it.

That’s what we know about the inclusion of Seamless co-op in Shadow of the Erdtree. For more guides, check out the exact release time for the DLC, and our major concerns for the DLC.

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