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Does Resident Evil 4 Remake Have a Co-Op Mode? Answered

Resident Evil 4 Remake Official Promotional Art.
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Does Resident Evil 4 Remake Have a Co-Op Mode? Answered

Fighting zombies with the power of friendship.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2023, and it may become another big hit like the original title. Most players are more than happy to experience Leon’s adventure for the second time, but some fans may wonder if they can play Resident Evil 4 Remake in co-op. If you want to know the answer, you’ve come to the right place because we can tell you more about it.

Does Resident Evil 4 Remake Have Multiplayer?

Resident Evil 4 Remake does not feature a co-op mode, and you can only play the main campaign as a single-player. Capcom has never mentioned multiplayer in this way, and they will likely not add it in the future because it may ruin the horror experience. After all, it won’t be as scary if your friend accompanies you.

Still, if you really wish to play Resident Evil 4 in co-op, you can try the original title and install a mod that allows you to play with another person. Considering the modding community’s creativity and dedication, the remake may also get a similar mod after its release. Unfortunately, only PC players can install mods, so PlayStation and Xbox users will never be able to try it if it becomes available.

Though you won’t be able to work collaboratively with Leon and Ashley (or Luis, if that’s your preference), you can at least take solace in the notion that the mercenaries mode is an option for PvP carnage.

If you want to scratch your multiplayer itch further, you can even consider trying out Resident Evil Re:Verse, an online co-op game set in the Resident Evil universe. It features six-person deathmatch battles where you can play as popular characters, such as Leon, Chris, and Ada.

That should answer your question about whether Resident Evil 4 Remake has a co-op mode. Before leaving, be sure to check out other articles about the game below.

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