Can You Get a Refund for Payday 3? How To Get Your Money Back

Gotta know when to cut your losses.

Can You Get a Refund for Payday 3? How To Get Your Money Back
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Payday 3 has had a pretty rocky launch, with server and matchmaking issues plaguing players who just want to steal some dough. If you don’t feel like being patient as Starbreeze Studios straightens out the game’s issues, there are a few options. Depending on your platform, you can possibly refund the game and use that money on something else.

How to Refund Payday 3

As said, this depends entirely on the platform you purchased Payday 3 on. Certain platforms are more generous with their refund policy than others, and we will break that down for you.


We’ll start with the toughest case. It is highly unlikely you can get a refund if you purchased Payday 3 on PlayStation 5. This is largely because PlayStation’s refund policy is incredibly restrictive and limited. They usually only accept refunds if you haven’t downloaded the game. This isn’t to say you can’t still try; we just aren’t sure it will work.

Your best bet will be to contact PlayStation support by going to their page for PlayStation Store refunds and opening the Live Chat at the bottom.


When it comes to consoles, Xbox is much more lenient with refunds. Their refund policy merely asks that the refund be made within 14 days of purchase and is for “games in which you haven’t accumulated a significant amount of playtime.” That second requirement might be a little sticky, and considering the game has been rather broken, players might have spent that playtime troubleshooting the game.

To begin the refund process, visit the Xbox refund page. If you are signed in, you will see a list of your recent purchases. Click the check box on Payday 3 and then click the “Request a refund” button.

Epic Games

Similar to Xbox, Epic Games states in their refund policy that “you may request a refund within 14 days if you have less than 2 hours of runtime on record.” This might be an issue considering players could’ve easily crossed two hours just trying to get the game to work. Still, it can’t hurt to try.

This process is a little simpler than either of the above. Go to your account page and open your transactions. On your Payday 3 order, check the box next to the game and click the link on the right that says “Request Refund.” (If you don’t see this link, you won’t be able to process this refund yourself.) After clicking the link, you’ll be taken to a second area to select your reason for the refund. With this complete, the refund should automatically process.

If the link isn’t there, you’ll need to contact support. While signed in, open up this link to the contact page and either fill out the form for an email submission or click the “Start a Live Chat” button.


Steam is famously the easiest platform there is for refunds and has an identical policy to Epic Games. However, they are likely to be lenient considering the circumstances surrounding Payday 3. In fact, their refund policy includes the statement, “Even if you fall outside of the refund rules we’ve described, you can submit a request, and we’ll take a look at it.”

To begin through this process, go into your account details page and click “view purchase history.” You’ll be taken to a listing of your purchases over the history of your account. Click on the purchase of Payday 3 to get more information.

Click the “I would like a refund” banner under the purchase information. This will take you to a different page where you can confirm your refund request. This isn’t as instantaneous a process as Epic Games, but it shouldn’t take too long for a result.

Hopefully, one of the above options works for anyone actually seeking a refund for Payday 3. If you’re not quite at this point but are experiencing trouble in the game we haven’t covered yet, be sure to ask us in the comments.

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