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Top 7 Best Xbox Exclusive Games

Xbox has many exclusives worthy of recognition.

The Xbox has a wide range of exclusive games, so to narrow it down, here are the best Xbox exclusive games you should check out.

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Note: The word “exclusive” can hold a multitude of meanings. For this article, “exclusive” refers to a title that is either only playable on the Xbox, console-exclusive to Xbox, or a timed-exclusive on Xbox One if by the time of writing it has not been released elsewhere. Many of these titles are also playable on PC.

Halo Series

The issues of this massive collection of games have been well-documented, and the first couple months were frustrating for those who purchased this game for the online component. With those online issues far behind it, Halo: MCC (which features Halo 1-4 and a remastered Halo 2) is the most content rich game available on the Xbox. Other Halo games are must-plays and you can only find them on Microsoft’s flagship console.

Gears of War Series

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Rumors swirled prior to Microsoft’s E3 2014 Media Briefing that the Gears of War franchise would receive the same treatment as Halo did in 2013. However, during the press conference, Rod Fergusson revealed that only the original Gears of War would receive the remaster in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition with all subsequent games bundled in the game via backwards compatibility. The remastered campaign and multiplayer, as well as the inclusion of 5 PC-exclusive chapters, make the Ultimate Edition an amazing choice, as are the other titles for Xbox.

Quantum Break

Another example of a game that had some interesting ideas but kind of landed with a dud. The intervention of full TV-like episodes within the game’s story was cool, but in the end, Quantum Break was not much more than a mediocre third person shooter. Despite that, it looks beautiful and this is one I’d love to see more fleshed out, as well.

Sunset Overdrive

Image Source: Insomniac Games

Sunset Overdrive was arguably Xbox’s best game in 2014. Insomniac produced a post-apocalyptic storyline that was as over-the-top as the gameplay itself. In a world where a tainted batch of energy drink turns people into mutants, the player combines free-flowing movement and creative weaponry to overcome the perils of a dying, yet still visually vibrant city.

Forza Motorsport Series

The Forza Motorsport series has a knack for making amazing games and then somehow outdoing themselves on the next one. What else can be said? They continuously makes improvements over the last game in nearly every way.

Forza Horizon Series

Image Source: Xbox Game Studios

Some are call Forza Horizon 4 the best racing game ever made. That may sound like a bold claim, but it’s backed up by the mind-blowing visuals, the amount of freedom given in the customization, and the variety in race types.

Sea of Thieves

Gathering a group of friends together to sail the seas and look for treasure is a fun time. Sea of Thieves has been live for over five years now, and is still going strong. Whether you’re on PC or Xbox, you won’t find this game anywhere else.

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