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Can You Get a Mount in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? Answered

Can You Get a Mount in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
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Can You Get a Mount in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? Answered

The fastest way to travel.

With a grand adventure awaiting in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, expect to trek across various battlefields in seeking the cause of all the chaos. Considering that you have much to see and plenty of enemies to destroy, it makes sense for one to think that there will be an easier way of getting around instead of just being on foot. If you are hoping to find out if you can get a mount in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, please read on.

Are There Mounts or Horses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Unfortunately, there is no way of getting a mount in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty as a faster mode of travel. While characters may ride horses and the like during the cinematics, the game plays out entirely on foot, so you better get used to the fact that walking everywhere is the way to go.

However, at one point during the latter stages of the campaign, there is a short transition between two battlefields that requires the use of a mount. That is probably the closest you can get to obtain a mount for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Rather than depend on a steed to get you where you need to go, it is better to master the swift movement in the game as well as the added mobility afforded by the ability to jump. This way, you will be able to find more secrets, such as all of the Battle and Marking flags in a level, in order to dominate the battlefield.

Now that you are clear on whether it is possible to obtain a mount in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, time to turn your attention elsewhere. For more help on the game, check out our guides on details such as all the Divine Beasts, how to upgrade your gear, or learning the intricacies of the deflection mechanic. You can also see related content below, and for everything else, you can search Twinfinite.

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