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Borderlands 3: Loot Cave Location & How to Farm It

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Borderlands 3: Loot Cave Location & How to Farm It

A recently discovered glitch in Borderlands 3 allows players to exploit a location in the game for high-level loot. It won’t be around forever, but until Gearbox inevitably patch it out of the game you’ve got the opportunity to cheat the system a little. Here’s where the loot cave location is and how to farm it if you’re looking for some legendary gear.

[UPDATE]: Gearbox has now implemented a hotfix that has eliminated this glitch from the game. Told you it wouldn’t last long!

Note that the cave is most effective when you’re running the game’s Mayhem mode, which can only be done after you’ve beaten Borderlands 3.

Loot Cave Location & How to Farm It in Borderlands 3

The loot cave is located at the Jacob’s Estate on Eden-6. Specifically, an area called the Servant’s Lift.

When you arrive, a bunch of enemies will spawn. Importantly, a Loot Tink will also spawn, an enemy that drops high-level loot.

The location is as below:

You’ll need to be quick to catch the Loot Tink, as it runs away from you as soon as you see it. Once killed, though, it’ll drop a backpack with gear inside.

The glitch is in the fact that the Loot Tink just keeps re-spawning if you simply quit the game and reload. You’ll appear only a short walk away from where the Loot Tink spawns.

So that’s it, all you need to do is kill the Loot Tink, grab the gear, quit the game, reload, and repeat.

It’s easily possible the gather a dozen or so legendary weapons within ten or twenty minutes of play.

Be warned, though, this does obviously kill the whole point of Borderlands 3’s looter shooter gameplay loop. And for that reason, we’re almost positive the glitch won’t be sticking around for long.

Anyway, that is everything you need to know about where the loot cave location is and how to farm it in Borderlands 3. For more useful tips and information on the game, be sure to head over to our extensive wiki-page.

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