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Best Gloom Stalker Assassin Build in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Become one with the shadows.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a unique range of different Classes to pick from when building your character, each offering unique perks and playstyles. The Gloom Stalker Assassin is a clever Multiclass combination of Ranger and Rogue, combining the high Dexterity of these two Classes to result in a sneaky character that has huge potential for your playthrough, both in and out of battle. If you’re wondering how you can achieve this Multiclass, then we’ve got everything you need to know, so follow along below for the best Gloom Stalker Assassin build in BG3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Gloom Stalker Assassin Build Guide

Gloom Stalker Assassin is a Multiclass build split between the Gloom Stalker Ranger, and Assassin Rogue – sometimes with the inclusion of a third Class to round out certain abilities. The most important thing to consider when building a Gloom Stalker Assassin is the primary stats you’ll want to utilize, as this can make or break your build, especially when it comes to Multiclassing.

The most important stat for a Gloom Stalker Assasin is Dexterity, followed by Wisdom and then Constitution.

  • A high Dexterity stat is what enables this build to function at all. DEX is responsible for all of your Stealth and Sleight of Hand checks, as well as the damage modifiers for your Finesse Melee Weapons and Ranged Weapons. Both the Ranger and the Rogue already prioritize this Stat, so look to build upon this strength when possible.
  •  Wisdom is responsible for determining hits and damage for any Spells you cast, as well as any Spells that require Saving Throws. WIS is also responsible for Perception and Insight checks, which determine your ability to spot traps or pick up on extra detail in conversation – all of which are very valuable to this build.
  •  Lastly, Constitution determines your maximum HP. It’s always important to also pad this stat whenever possible to ensure you have solid survivability in combat..

Best Initial stats for Gloom Stalker Assassin: STR 8, DEX 17, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 16, CHA 8

Ranger Class in BG3
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To best utilize this Multiclass build, you’ll want to select a Race that synergizes with the Class Features of both the Ranger and Rogue and grants additional advantages to the Dextertiy-based, Stealthy playstyle. Here are a few standout Race options that you should consider for this build:

  • Drow – Drow will grant you several useful traits for Gloom Stalker Assassin, including Superior Darkvision (24m), Fey Ancestry, and Keen Senses. You’ll also gain Drow Magic, which grants you the Dancing Lights, Faerie Fire, and Darkness Spells, which synergize very nicely with the Gloom Stalker Assassin’s Sneak Attack and ambush opportunities.
  •  Elf – Elf will also grant Fey Ancestry, Keen Senses, and Darkvision (12m). Choosing Wood Elf will grant you Proficiency in Stealth and increased Movement Speed, while High Elf will grant you one Cantrip from the Wizard Spell List.
  •  Half-Elf – Half-Elves gain Darkvision and Fey Ancestry, as well as traits from the Drow, Wood Elf, or High Elf, depending on which Half-Elf Subrace you choose. Picking High Half-Elf enables you to select one Cantrip from the Wizard Spell List, Wood Half-Elf will gain you increased Movement Speed and Proficiency in Stealth, and Drow Half-Elf provides access to Drow Magic (Faerie Fire, Dancing Lights, and Darkness).
  •  Githyanki – Githyanki can also work quite well for a Gloom Stalker Assassin due to the helpful additions Githyanki Psionics brings to the build. If you select this Race, you will gain access to Mage Hand, Misty Step, and the ability to triple your Jump distance, all of which work quite well for the sneaky playstyle of Gloom Stalker Assassin.
  •  Halfling – Halflings work well for Gloom Stalker Assassin due to their Lucky trait, which enables you to avoid rolling a Natural 1 during crucial Ability Checks or Attacks. Lightfoot Halflings receive Advantage on all Stealth checks, while Strongheart Halflings receive Resistance to Poison Damage and Advantage on Saving Throws against Poison. Both of these can be quite useful, though Lightfoot Halfling is the more valuable choice, due to Gloom Stalker Assassin’s frequent use of the Stealth Skill.

Gloom Stalker Assassin Multiclass Level Selections

Gloom Stalker Assassins are all about using their Stealth to Hide and trigger hugely effective Surprise Rounds with Sneak Attack (often Ranged) on the opening turn of combat. The Best Gloom Stalker Assassin Build combines six levels of Ranger, four levels of Rogue, and two levels of Fighter.

Astarion in BG3
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While many builds utilize an even split of Ranger and Rogue for six levels each, neither Rogue nor Rager learns any absolutely crucial skills or Features at these end levels with this split, so you can gain much more value in exchanging them for two levels in Fighter. This lets you gain Action Surge and Second Wind, which will allow you to have significantly more impact upon your opening ‘ambush’ round in battle.

Upon creating your character, you’ll want to take your first five levels in the Ranger Class.

At Level 1, You’ll need to select a Favored Enemy and Natural Explorer EnvironmentFor your Favored Enemy, choose Bounty Hunter. As a result, you will gain Proficiency in Investigation, and creatures that you hit with Ensnaring Strike have Disadvantage on their Saving Throw. For your Natural Explorer Environment, choose Ubran Tracker. This will grant you Proficiency in Sleight of Hand, which will further enhance the strength you have in this Skill due to your high DEX.

At Level 2, select Archery as your Fighting Style. This will add a +2 bonus to Ranged Weapon Attacks, which works hand in hand with your Ranged Sneak Attack ambushes to hit targets with higher AC.

At Level 3, it’s time to select your Subclass. Of course, you’re going to need to go ahead and choose Gloom Stalker. At Level 3, this will grant you +3 Initiative, Superior Darkvision (24m), Hide as a Bonus Action (Dread Ambusher), the Disguise Self Spell, and Invisibility through Umbral Shroud. You will also gain the bonus of +3m Movement Speed and an additional attack that deals +1d8 damage on your first turn of combat.

At Level 4, you will be able to select your first Feat, so go ahead and choose Sharpshooter. This Feat amplifies your lethality with your Ranged Attacks by removing penalties from High Ground Rules. Additionally, your Ranged Attacks will have a -5 penalty to Attack Rolls, but deal an additional +10 damage on a hit.

As you have a high DEX modifier, you’re already very likely to hit your Ranged Attack shots, and the ability to give yourself Advantage with Sneak Attack (once the Rogue class is added) every round through the Hide Bonus Action means that you’re much more likely to reap the benefits of Sharpshooter, with much fewer consequences from the penalty.

At Level 5, you will receive your Extra Attack, which allows you to make two Ranged Attacks per Action instead of one. This is hugely effective for stacking damage with Sneak Attack and Sharphooter, and you’ll likely notice the benefits almost immediately in combat.

Now that you’ve taken your initial five levels in Ranger and set yourself up with Extra Attack, it’s time to dip into the Rogue Class for the next three levels to grant yourself the benefits of the Assassin Subclass and create that Stealth-oriented synergy that makes the Gloom Stalker Assasin so viable.

At Level 1, you will need to select your Rogue Expertise Skills. Select Stealth as your first choice, as the Gloom Stalker Assassin is centered around hiding and ambushing. For the second choice, you can choose between Sleight of Hand and Perception. If you want your character to be a reliable Lockpicker and potential pickpocket, then Sleight of Hand is the way to go. If you’d rather have your character focus on scouting and identifying traps or hidden items in the environment, then Perception will suit your build better.

At Level 3, you will finally be able to select your Rogue Subclass, so go ahead and select Assassin. This is where the fun really starts to take off with this build thanks to Cunning Actions plus the bonus Advantage and extra damage from Sneak Attack.

Now that you’ve set up with the Gloom Stalker and Assassin Classes, it’s time to take two levels in the Fighter Class. This will result in even more utility for your character due to Action Surge, which will let you Attack up to four times during one round of combat, and Second Wind, which enables you to heal yourself in a pinch without needing to rely on your main healer. Action Surge also stacks with the Gloom Stalkers bonus attack on the opening round of combat, enabling you to Attack up to six times – which is devastating in terms of damage output.

Note that Second Wind and Action Surge can only be used once per Short Rest, so you’ll need to be clever about utilizing your Rests between combat to refresh these abilities, due to the immense value they bring.

Now you’ll need to add your next level in Rogue once again, bringing you up to Level 11 (5 Ranger, 2 Fighter, 4 Rogue). At this point, you’ll be able to choose another Feat, so select Ability Increase, and add +2 to Dexterity. This will bring your DEX up to 19, amplifying your success in Stealth, Lockpicking, pickpocketing, and Attack Rolls even further.

Lastly, take one last level of Ranger to complete your build. For your Favored Enemy, select Mage Breaker. This will grant you Proficiency in Arcana and the ability to cast True Strike, which is another method for granting yourself Advantage against a target for huge damage with Sharpshooter.

For your Natural Explorer, that choice is up to your preference. If you’d like the benefits of Find Familiar for causing distractions for pickpocketing or inducing status effects on your enemy for battle, then select Beast Tamer. Otherwise, you can choose one of the Wasteland Wanderer options to grant yourself Resistance to Cold, Fire, or Poison damage.

Best Spell Choices for Gloom Stalker Assassin in BG3

Image Source: Larian Studios via Twinfinite
Image Source: Larian Studios via Twinfinite

By the time you gain your seven levels in Ranger, you will have unlocked 4 Level 1 Spell Slots, and 3 Level 2 Spell Slots. Here are some of the best options to consider when making your selections for these Spells, and an explanation of what make them valuable for the Gloom Stalker Assassin build.

Best Level 1 Gloom Stalker Ranger Spells

  • Ensnaring Strike: This Spell creates a terrain of thistles that can possibly Ensnare a target within that area. This is great for isolating and slowing down enemies for focus fire with your Ranged Attacks.
  •  Goodberry: This is a brilliant Spell to keep aside for exploration, allowing you to summon four Berries that each heal 1d4 upon consumption. These Berries are added to your inventory and will remain until your next Long Rest, so this is a clever way to top up some extra healing when diving through Dungeons or fixing up party members after combat.
  •  Hunter’s Mark: As you level up and gain more Attacks, this Spell becomes increasingly more useful. Hunter’s Mark allows you to expend your Bonus Action to mark a creature as your target. You will then deal an additional 1d8 damage to Attacks that hit this creature. If the creature dies, you can move Hunter’s Mark to another creature in combat without losing another Spell Slot.
  •  Fog Cloud: This Spell creates a cloud of fog that Blinds all enemies inside. As Blinded creatures have Advantage on any attacks made against them, this is another clever way to boost your odds with Sharpshooter and deal big damage to multiple enemies. Furthermore, the Blinded creatures will have their Ranged Attack and Spell range restricted to 3m, and Disadvantage on their Attack Rolls, making this a solid choice to set up for larger quantity encounters.

Best Level 2 Gloom Stalker Ranger Spells

  • Pass Without Trace: As the designated Stealth master of your party, you will often have no problem sneaking around, staying hidden, and pickpocketing others. However, your less Stealthy party members can often get in the way of your success, so Pass Without Trace helps to even that out and enable your entire party to set up for an ambush alongside you. Upon casting this Spell, you and all nearby companions will receive a +10 bonus to Stealth checks, which are needed to maintain Hiding.
  •  Lesser Restoration: The one thing that can get in the way of your constant Advantage and Sneak Attack damage are status effects, such as Paralyzed and Blindness. Lesser Restoration enables you to heal yourself or an ally from these effects, making it a valuable fail-safe to keep up your sleeve.
  •  Spike Growth: Similarly to Ensnaring Strike, Spike Growth can be used to effectively control terrain and isolate targets. This Spell turns a section of ground into hard spikes, halving the Movement Speed of creatures within that area. For every 1.5m a creature moves over this terrain, they take 2d4 Piercing damage.

Best Equipment For Gloom Stalker Assassin in BG3

Image Source: Larian Studios
  • Head – Circlet of Hunting: You gain a +1d4 bonus to Attack Rolls against creatures marked by Hunter’s Mark, True Strike, Faerie Fire, and Guiding Bolt. You can purchase this item from Araj Oblodra at Moonrise Towers.
  •  Armor – Yuan-Ti Scale Mail: Add your Dexterity Modifier to your Armour Class (AC 15). Additionally, this Armor does not impose Disadvantage on Stealth Ability Checks. This enables you to boost your AC up to around 19, which is hugely beneficial. You can purchase this Armor from Last Light Inn’s Quartermaster Talli.
  •  Cloak – Shade-Slayer Cloak: While hiding, the number you need to roll a Critical Hit while attacking is reduced by 1. This effect can stack. You can buy this Cloak from Sticky Dondo at the Guildhall.
  •  Gloves – Legacy of the Masters: Gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls with Weapons, and +1 to Strength Saving Throws. This further enables you to hit a higher percentage of shots, and deal additional damage through Sharpshooter. You can pick these gloves up from Dammon at Forge of the Nine in Lower City.
  •  Boots – Evasive Shoes: Gain a +1 to Acrobatics and a +1 to your AC. This enables you to potentially tip your AC to 20, which is very solid for a Multiclass involving the Rogue. You can purchase these Boots from Mattis at Last Light Inn.

That’s everything you need to know to create the best Gloom Stalker Assassin build in Baldur’s Gate 3. Now that you know how to build this Multiclass, why not check out some of our other guides, such as 5 must-try Multiclass builds in Baldur’s Gate 3? After all, the Gloom Stalker Assassin isn’t the only viable option out there!

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