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10 Best Games Like Redfall to Satisfy Your Cravings

Image Source: Bethesda Softworks

10 Best Games Like Redfall to Satisfy Your Cravings

More horrific action packed games to keep you slaughtering evil.

Redfall is an open-world sandbox game from Bethesda that takes place on an island of the same name in Massachusetts. After a disastrous scientific experiment goes awry, the residents of the area are caught in a vampiric mess. As the population of humans decreases and vampires continue to grow in number, all looks hopeless for any survivors. Thankfully, players get to pick up some serious guns and have a chance to fight their way out. This self-proclaimed story-driven shooter has RPG elements that let players customize and upgrade their characters along the way. Full of tense horror and a dark atmosphere, if you’re a fan of this genre, you’ll want to know about the 10 best games like Redfall if you’re looking for something similar.

Left 4 Dead

Image Source: Valve

Left 4 Dead pushed the survival horror genre forward with cooperative FPS action that had fans addicted to the gunplay. Cooperation was key for both sides, as this game featured teams that were either survivors or infected zombies. Depending on which side you stood on, you had to help your team survive the infestation or make sure all players became infected and joined the zombie horde. Scary good times.

V Rising

Image Source: Stunlock Studios

V Rising is the one you want to play if you’re all about adventure games that also focus on survival. From the onset, you awaken as a weakened vampire with a thirst for blood. The world is fully open like any sandbox-type game and you’ll not only grow stronger, but you’ll rebuild your castle as you encounter various enemies, dangers, and challenges. Make friends or foes as your story unfolds. Although not a first-person shooter, there’s plenty of vampiric mythos to keep your fangs full.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Image Source: Remnant: From the Ashes

Taking place in a ruined world where barely any signs of human life remain, Remnant: From the Ashes shows what it’s like when there are countless horrific monsters on the loose. You’re a survivor in a dark world and you’ll explore the aftermath of evil by traveling through portals into different realms as you collect weapons, and resources, and fight to stay alive. Although in the third person, there’s plenty of shooting action to be had, and plenty of RPG elements to remind you of Redfall’s experiences.

Dying Light 2

Image Source: Dying Light

Dying Light is an RPG survival game that pits players in a community overrun by zombies. Its gameplay allows you to explore a dynamic open city with plenty of gory combat. Though there might not be any vampires here, the premise is virtually the same as Redfall and there’s still plenty of dark horrors to fight your way through in a similarly punishing fashion.

Borderlands 3

Image Source: Playstation

Borderlands 3 is an FPS game that takes place in outer space where vault hunting is the name of the game. There are plenty of different landscapes and environments to explore such as deserts, cities, and more. This game is a lot more space action-oriented than horror, but you’ll be enjoying all the gun-toting and shooting you’d come to expect from Redfall. There are also plenty of RPG elements to help you customize your weaponry and your characters to keep it all feeling alive.

Back 4 Blood

Image Source: One Media

Back 4 Blood brings cooperative FPS action that continues the Left 4 Dead franchise with more action and ugly zombies to slaughter. There are plenty of dark horror elements here to keep fans of the genre spooked and on the edge of their seats. The system innovated the franchise with the use of a detailed progression system and cards that aided with RPG elements and customization options. If you have a group of friends who enjoy slaying evil, this is the game for you guys.

Dead By Daylight

Image Source: Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight is the game you want on your radar if you want to experience true fear and terror. With one player being the enemy killer, the other players must work together to try and survive with very limited methods to do so. Since Redfall is part of the horror genre, this game is still recommended if you want to forego all the first-person shooting and instead go straight to the root of the horror genre. You were warned.

Far Cry

Image Source: Ubisoft

Far Cry is a series has stood the test of time with its impressive six mainline games, a stand-alone expansion, and multiple spin-offs. An FPS at its core, Far Cry offers both single-player and multiplayer experiences. Similar to Redfall, this game’s theme also revolves around surviving in a hostile environment, this time a dangerous wilderness. Instead of vampires, players face off against tyrannical despots and wild beasts. In an interview, the creator of Redfall from Arkane Studios admitted to being inspired by Far Cry’s open world gameplay. So if you’re ready to put your survival skills to the test in an FPS, give this a go.


Image Source: 10 Chambers

GTFO has the same first-person shooting perspective as a horror-packaged game that focuses on teamwork and cooperation. There are hordes of disgusting enemies waiting for you, and you’ll need to shoot them down, as well as use stealth and smarts to survive. If you favor all the gun-toting FPS action of Redfall, then you owe it to yourself to give this a go. It’ll be downright challenging and frustrating at the time, but hey, who likes an easy game?

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt

Image Source: Playstation

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt is a free-to-play battle royale game that pits rival clans of vampires against each other in the streets of Prague using supernatural vampiric powers. Although Redfall has you destroying vampires, this game will entertain you if you want to do the reverse and take the role of a bloodsucker who destroys other vampires. This is also a game that builds upon arguably the best vampire mythos of any medium, making it a surefire win if these creatures of the night are what caught your attention in Redfall.

For any fan of horror shooting, survival, or RPG games, especially of the vampire kind, these are the 10 best games like Redfall to satisfy your cravings. So check out all of these games and decide whose side you’re on; humans or vampires?

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