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7 Anime Like Planet With if You’re Looking for Something Similar


7 Anime Like Planet With if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Even in a season with less than stellar offerings, there can still be a new series that manages to impress. Case in point: Planet With, a refreshing take on the mech genre with an interesting take on morality. Between its story and the dynamics their characters created between each other, there was plenty to love about the series. All good things must end though, and for those who have seen the credits roll on Planet With, these seven shows will fill its void better than any other.

7 Anime Like Planet With if you’re Looking for Something Similar



It’s hard to say exactly what FLCL is. On one hand, it’s a tale of a young boy who is bored with his hum-drum life in a town where nothing ever happens. Only for a strange woman named Haruko to shake everything up by nailing him in the head with her guitar.

On the other hand, it’s a Shonen-Mecha hybrid with over the top fights between robots from space. It might even be a heady critique on adolescence, with many old fans now eager to dive into what its acid trip visuals meant in terms of a larger message.

FLCL could be any of these things, but one thing is for certain. There are few shows as fun and out there as FLCL. The show does whatever it wants whenever it wants, with little regard for how much sense its plot makes or whether it has a good reason to show its next robot battle.

It revels in the tropes afforded to anime, and loves to put them front and center whenever the opportunity presents itself. If the free-spirited nature of Planet With felt refreshing to you, there’s little doubt this show can’t make you feel the same way.

7 Anime Like Planet With if you’re Looking for Something Similar

Gatchaman Crowds

In the city of Tachikawa, peace and order are maintained by the Gatchaman – warriors equipped with special armor which reflect their spirit. Each has their own personalities and drives for why they protect their home, and will do whatever it takes to stop any who threaten its peace.

Whether this is right or wrong, though, comes into question when a new member, Hajime Ichinose, joins the team. Where the other members of the team are ready and willing to fight any new life form that approaches the city, she wonders whether they really mean any harm and questions if a peace can’t be reached with them before a fight breaks out.

It’s not what one would expect from a Shonen Sentai show, but that’s exactly what makes Gatchaman Crowds so special. It stops to think about its genre and its characters, and asks the viewer to think about why they’re cheering for a generally harmless extraterrestrial visitor to be knocked around. No matter your tastes, there’s little doubt you’ll walk away from this series without something to think about.

7 Anime Like Planet With if you’re Looking for Something Similar


Let’s get one thing out of the way immediately: Bokurano is not a cheerful show. It starts by introducing a premise where children are forced to fight a war to decide the earth’s fate – in a robot fueled by their life forces no less – and only finds more ways to get darker and grimmer from there. Whenever it seems like the story will go in a direction that’s uplifting and hopeful, you can bet it’ll put the characters through hell to get there.

And yet, among all of the dark and depressing subject matter, there are some truly insightful discussions the show brings up.

How would one deal with the pressure of saving the world? What are the motivations and drives of the people on the other side of the giant robot battle? Is winning truly everything, or will what’s lost in the process outweigh the gains? All this and more wait for those willing to tough out the darker side of the 24 episode show, and they’ll be well rewarded for their perseverance.

7 Anime Like Planet With if you’re Looking for Something Similar

Blood Blockade Battlefront

Nothing screams “anime” like a series where New York now houses races from across a multitude of dimensions. Following a catastrophic event which isolated the city from the rest of the world, different people and races from across the spectrum of existence live in a fragile harmony.

There are those who would seek to destroy it, but there are likewise those willing to stop them. These brave individuals are known as Libra, and with their special abilities, they’ll hack, slash, freeze and burn their way through any and all who try to send reality into turmoil.

Easily one of the most creative shows to come out in the last few years, Blood Blockade Battlefront bleeds originality and imaginative spirit. It’ll have you hanging on the edge of your seat one moment and laughing at the absurdity of everything going on the next, and with two seasons, there’s plenty to dig into for those willing to take the time.

7 Anime Like Planet With if you’re Looking for Something Similar

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

In the far-off future, humanity has abandoned earth to start a civilization in the stars. Optimized to an almost terrifying level of efficiency, it marches ever further forward into the stars and clashes relentlessly with the Hideauze, a race of squid-like creatures.

This all changes, however, when a mech pilot named Ledo crashes back down to earth after a fierce battle with a Hideauze. He awakens to discover that not all of humanity left for the stars so many years ago. Not only that, but they’re thriving upon ocean-faring vessels and might even be living better lives than their “advanced” counter-parts in space.

The result is an intriguing look at what truly matters in the grand scope of humanity’s advancement. It gives a stark look at what can be lost in the drive to constantly improve and optimize ourselves, and gives a good case for slowing down to enjoy the parts of life we might have overlooked as unnecessary. For those willing to hang on through a generally slow start, this series offers plenty to chew on and think about in its 13 episode run.

7 Anime Like Planet With if you’re Looking for Something Similar

Kill la Kill

In a world where the powerful rule over the weak with ability augmenting clothing known as Goku Uniforms, Honnouji Academy stands as a pinnacle of oppression. Not only does it house the strongest wielders of the emboldening vestments, but it determines the standings of the nearby populace with an authoritarian efficiency.

This bleak routine is thrown into disarray, however, when Ryuko Matoi arrives, seeking revenge on those who killed her father several years ago. Armed with a scissor blade and the transforming sailor suit Senketsu, she’ll take on any and all who stand in her way, even the imposing ruler of the school who bears a striking resemblance to her.

Energetic, creative and downright manic in its presentation, Kill la Kill is the kind of show one can turn to when they want to turn their brain off and revel in pure, unadulterated fun. It may not hit the same philosophical highs as shows like Planet With, but when it comes to matching its hyperactive attitude and aesthetic, few could do better.

7 Anime Like Planet With if you’re Looking for Something Similar

Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann

Let’s be honest: Pretty much everybody drew the comparison between Planet With and Gurren Lagann at least once during its run. It’s by no means a bad thing though; after all, Gurren Lagann’s tale of young people piloting giant robots fueled by willpower, and combining to create even bigger, galaxy hurling robots, was a dumb, fun time revered by many even today.

More importantly, though, Planet With is the first series in a long time to capture the same blend of elements in a way that’s fun and interesting to see. Both offer an energetic and optimistic cast, propelling themselves further into a high-stakes clash with celestial forces for the chance to make their lives and the lives of those they care about better.

They also share a passion for giant robots, explosive confrontations and introspective looks at their characters which feel genuine and earned, and they only get better at it the further into the shows you go. They’re both masters at what they do, and if you reach the end of Planet With wanting more, there’s arguably no better option than Gurren Lagann.

Know of another show that is a great follow-up to Planet With? Mention them in the comments section below, and check out some of our other recommendation lists for shows like Future Diary or Psycho-Pass.

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