5 Letter Words With ALS In the Middle – Wordle Game Help

Words with ALS in the middle so your answers aren't fALSe!

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The New York Times’ Wordle continues to entertain the masses with a randomly chosen five-letter word. Players are given six guesses to figure it out, using previous attempts as their guide. Sometimes it leaves us (and you) stumped though – which is where we can help. Here are all the Wordle words with ALS in the middle to ensure your streak keeps going.

Five Letter Words With ALS In the Middle

All of the following words have been tested in Wordle itself, so they will be accepted as valid guesses. But, most importantly, one will be the word you’re after to solve the day’s puzzle and win the challenge! Use them wisely.

  • balsa
  • false
  • falsy
  • halse
  • halsh
  • palsa
  • palsy
  • salsa
  • salse
  • valse

That’s every five-letter word with ALS in the middle – there’s nowhere near as many as some other letter combinations but still enough to cause you an issue. It’s why we’re so adamant about using your feedback sensibly.

A green tile means the letter is correct and should stay exactly where it is in all future guesses. A yellow tile is correct in that it’s in the word, but it will need to move to be correct. Finally, a grey tile is wrong and should be ignored for the remainder of the game because that letter does not feature.

If you’re still struggling with the answer, check out our daily Wordle answer guide which is guaranteed to keep your streak going.

That’s all the words with ALS in the middle, so the answer to Wordle (if it matches that letter combo) will be in the list above. If you’re wanting more daily word challenges, have a glance at Jumble or Waffle, both of which can scratch the same itch as Wordle.

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