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5 Letter Words Ending in RAT – Wordle Game Help

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5 Letter Words Ending in RAT – Wordle Game Help

Words ending RAT to keep your streak alive.

Wordle has been a huge hit for a number of years now, with players tuning in daily to test their vocabularies in the New York Times’ puzzle. On occasion it can prove trickier than expected though, especially with unfamiliar or tough letter combinations. Here’s every five letter word ending in RAT that Wordle will accept.

Five Letter Words Ending With ‘RAT’

As previously mentioned, Wordle does accept all of the following words so they could be the mystery on you’re looking for to complete the day’s puzzle. Use Wordle’s color coding feedback system to help you as you go and hopefully you’ll get there in fewer than six guesses.

  • carat
  • curat
  • derat
  • jurat
  • karat
  • korat
  • morat
  • scrat
  • sprat
  • surat

There’s nowhere near as many as some other letter combos but, with ten to choose from, there’s still more than enough to cause you a headache and maybe end your streak. That’s why playing sensibly is so important – making use of Wordle’s feedback as you go.

A green letter means that should stay put in all future guesses; a yellow tile means it needs to move within the word for future guesses; and a grey tile means it can be ignored for the remainder of the day’s game.

If you’re still struggling to get the answer, check out our daily Wordle answer guide, which guarantees to keep your streak alive.

That’s all the five letter Wordle words that end in RAT. If you want more word-based daily brainteasers, check out Jumble or Waffle.

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