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The Best Fallout 4 Mods on PS4 You Need to Play With

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The Best Fallout 4 Mods on PS4 You Need to Play With

War, war never changes. However, it can be modded.

Best Fallout 4 Mods For PS4

1 Skyscraper Settlement

Tired of your settlements looking all disgusting and dirty while your settlers walk around lost. Clean it up with an awesome skyscraper motif with the Dartmouth Professional Building. It’s fully functioning and looks pretty cool. Should be easy to keep raiders out now.

2 Get All Perks

So you want to just run through the game as a juggernaut with all of the perks and abilities? Then the Get All Perks mod is right up your alley. It also provides a weapon, 9,999 StimPacks, 99,999 Caps, and a ton of ammo.

Best Fallout 4 Mods For PS4

3 Settlement Build Budget x10

Nothing is worse than when you have your creative juices flowing and suddenly you can’t build on your settlement anymore because you’ve reached the limit. This mod multiplies the cap by 10 on all settlements, including those found in DLC.

4 Clean & Smooth: Egret Tours Marina

Provides a completely clean version of the Egret Tours Marina which is located to the southwest of Hangman’s Alley. It’s a perfect canvas for creative settlement builders.

5 Plenty ‘O’ Exploration

You know all those houses and building you can see but can’t enter? This mod adds interiors to a lot of them as well as some hidden story tidbits to add to the exploration of Fallout 4 on PS4.

6 Mini Nuke SMG

Nukes in Fallout 4 are great, no denying that. But wouldn’t it be great to rapid fire them from a light weapon rather than lugging around a huge launher? This mod lets you do just that on PS4.

Best Fallout 4 Mods For PS4

7 The Harpooner – Railroad Harpoon Rifle

Harpoon guns are actually pretty useful in Fallout 4 since they can stagger enemies and do a lot of damage. But they’re very slow. This mod lets you collect a fully customizable Harpooner for some seafaring mayhem.

8 Human John Hancock

John Hancock is one of the coolest damn characters in Fallout 4 on the PS4 or any platform for that matter. So this mod decides to give him a makeover so he doesn’t frighten anyone anymore.

9 Gatling Weapon Spinup Remover

Sure, the gatling guns are crazy OP in Fallout 4, and there are mods in the game to make them even deadlier, but you always have to deal with them spinning up first, and that delay can cost you your life. This user created mod lets you remove that for instant firepower.

10 Firelance

The PS4 version of this weapon mod doesn’t have the design you’ll find on other platforms, but it has all the power you could want as you slay enemies with the power of flame. It’s also fully moddable which is always a plus.

11 Portable Nuka Jetpack for PS4

A jetpack you can use to a actually fly all around. Unfortunately you will need the Nuka-World expansion for this one to work.

12 Cloud Storage V2

This mod lets you use any storage, anywhere in the game and have all your items from containers around the world accessible.

13 Simple Green

Post-apocalyptic worlds are very… dead. And that can sap the heart out of the experience sometimes, especially when you’re trying to build a home. This mod adds some greenery making everything feel a bit more welcome.

Best Fallout 4 Mods For PS4

14 Nuka Grenade and Nuka Mine Crafting

Nukes provide some serious damage against enemies in Fallout 4, so any way you can get some huge explosions is a blessing. This mod lets you craft Nuka Grenades and Mines so you can have some explosions on the go that you can literally just toss about as you rain hell from a distance. What a time to be alive.

15 Eli’s Tweaks and Fixes All-in-One

A simple mod that adds a bunch of little fixes to the overall Fallout 4 experience on the PS4. It’s a collection of smaller mods, but all are worth having, so enjoy.

16 Liberty Prime Blaster PS4

The Alien Blaster is a badass weapon in its own right, but this mod lets you make it even cooler, and deadlier looking, by combining it with Liberty Prime components.

17 Wacky Weapons Workshop

A very useful mod for those who just want to mod their weapons freely. However, you can’t craft anything from scratch or anything of the like. Still, you can do some cool things. Make sure to read the mod notes before using.

18 Missiles Minigun

Missiles are fun. Missiles fired at an extraordinarily rapid pace are even more fun.

19 Enhanced Companion Storage

Tired of your companions saying no to carrying your gear? This mod gives them a lot more space to carry all of that junk you’re finding.

20 Simple Camping

This is a great mod for all you survival mode players. Allows you to deploy a tent, campfire, and sleeping bag. It’s a bit more restricted than camping mods on other platforms, but it gets the job done.

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