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10 Best PS4 Themes From April 2018


10 Best PS4 Themes From April 2018

Best PS4 Themes From April 2018

USA Flag Ambiance of Soccer Ball Stadium Dynamic PS4 Theme

There isn’t too far to go before the Soccer World Cup begins. Get yourself into the mood and show your support for the Stateswith this dynamic theme.

This dynamic photo of New York City makes a nice change from computer generated artwork. There’s a tranquil theme playing in the background as the headlights flash across Brooklyn Bridge.

A beautiful collection of photos, the Lonely Tree Collection is a really calming background theme, especially in combination with the mellow soundtrack.

If you know your history, you’ll know that Boudicca was the original bad-ass female warrior. This Boudicca Theme is stylized in a way that reminds us of Nariko from Heavenly Sword. Check out the blood of Roman soliders covering her face and spear!

We normally love Total Jigsaw’s Hooded Gamer collection for its urban-rebel vibes, but the Dusk theme has a more introspesctive quality this time around as its character gazes across the nightsky.

Lonely Tree Collection

It wouldn’t be a month of PS4 themes without something cyberpunky, and the City of the Future theme delivers a really pretty neon-soaked sci-fi citiscape. There’s an appropriately sombre electro track playing in the background too.

Fantasy fans might like to consider running this awesome Dynamic Wizard Theme. There’s some pretty sinister music playing in the background which might be a wee bit unsettling for some, but the artwork is immense.

BRIKS 2 4K NYC Skyline PS4 Theme

New York City

BRIKS 2 Cat Nights Dynamic HD PS4 Theme

Kitty power! We’ve seen some pretty out there cat themes before, but the Cat Nights dynamic theme has to be among the most wild. Cat fanatics will appreciate this one, for sure.

City of Future HiQ Dynamic PS4 Theme

Lonely Tree Collection
Total Jigsaw – Dusk PK Dynamic

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