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15 Last of Us PC Memes to Make You Feel Better About the Broken State of the Game

Ellie Glitch in The Last of Us PC
Image Source: Reddit via Faith-ToSpeak

15 Last of Us PC Memes to Make You Feel Better About the Broken State of the Game

These memes are the cure for the PC port’s infection.

Many players have run into stuttering issues and bizarre graphical glitches throughout The Last of Us PC launch, making the game almost unplayable. While some have come across an odd bushy eyebrowed Joel and Ellie, others have encountered brightly colored neon lights, despite being set in a dimly lit apocalyptic world. But, as the Firefly saying goes, we have to look for the light in the darkness by showing you 15 Last of Us PC memes that can get you through this rickety remake.

It seems Joel is trying out a new eyebrow look with the latest PC port, but maybe it’s not the right color for you, honey.

Joel from HBO’s The Last of Us predicted the future and saw the wonky mechanics from the latest release.

I guess Ellie is trying out Joel’s bushy eyebrow look too, and possibly a new distinct hairstyle as well.

Let’s hope The Bugs of Us: Part 2 doesn’t meet the same negative reviews as the first one.

The Last of Us Part 1’s PC version better tread lightly because Breaking Bad’s Walter White has had enough of these ridiculous graphics.

Like Marvel’s Drax the Destroyer, Ellie has mastered the ability to stand very still, so now the Infected don’t really stand a chance against her invisibility powers.

Love Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us? Well, now you can combine them with the PC port’s vibrant design.

Get ready for more punny jokes and brutal takedowns as the Last of Us’ PC remake introduces multiple Ellies.

In the words of Ellie, “If you lie to me one more time, I’m gone. You will never see me again.”

Play the Last of Us on PC, they said; it’ll be fun, they said.

Get a literal deep look into Joel Miller in the new PC port, with eyeballs, teeth, and all.

Joel’s latest defensive strategy may finally save Sarah from the horrors in The Last of Us.

Not only does The Last of Us PC feature strange mechanics and bugs, but it also breaks the fourth wall.

All hail Theresa “Tess” Servopoulos; she has risen to take down all the Infected in the world.

Which one are you? Could it be the Hulk-esque Joel in the third picture or the chaotic blonde waves of Sarah in the last photo?

There are plenty of other memes to go around on various social media platforms to showcase The Last of Us’ eccentric designs and slow performances. But, hopefully, the game can return to its roots with the hotfixes Naughty Dog has been adding to address the issues.

For now, we’ll have to cross our fingers for a better gameplay experience and look for more memes as we laugh off the pain. Let’s just hope that a potential Last of Us: Part 2 remake doesn’t encounter the same problems, especially if it brings back this horrendous eyebrow look onto Abby and Dina.

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