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10 Great Video Game Dads That Warm Our Hearts


10 Great Video Game Dads That Warm Our Hearts

Kratos – God of War Series

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Our first video game dad is Kratos, god of emotional constipation. Though, we can’t really blame him for being bad at emotions. Kratos has gone through a long, violent, and painful journey to get to the tired old man he is now.

Even before having Atreus, Kratos absolutely loved his family. I mean, he went on an entire three game rampage of revenge for them. And, now that that particular chapter in his life is over, Kratos is doing his best with his new family.

Despite outwardly not showing it, Kratos loves Atreus to death and he would essentially tear apart the entire world if it meant keeping him safe.

Among other things, the entire events of God of War (2018) center around Kratos trying to be a better father to Atreus and, instead of anger and rage, this journey is marked by a broken man doing his best to show his son he loves him.

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