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How to Unlock Enchantment Slots in Diablo 4

A five-headed hydra is far superior to a three-headed hydra.

How to Unlock Enchantment Slots in Diablo 4 Image Source: Blizzard

Every class in Diablo 4 has their own unique gameplay mechanics, and for the Sorcerer, it’s Enchantment Slots. These greatly diversify your build by assigning chosen spells to grant special passives, such as spawning five-headed hydras or a chance to cast Frost Nova. For all you neophyte Sorcerers out there, here’s how to unlock Enchantment Slots in Diablo 4.

How to Unlock the Sorcerer’s Enchantment Slots in Diablo 4

Before you can unlock Enchantment Slots in Diablo 4, you need to reach level 15. Once you do, you’ll automatically gain the quest ‘Legacy of the Magi.’ Set it as your active quest, then follow along with these steps:

  1. Speak to Mordarin.

    The quest alludes to someone calling for you—it’s Mordarin, another sorcerer. You won’t have to travel far to find him; in fact, he’s in Nevesk, where your journey began. If you didn’t have the foresight to grab the Nevesk waypoint (like I did), head southwest from Kyovashad.speak-to-mordarin-in-nevesk-to-start-legacy-of-the-magi

  2. Retrieve the Forgotten Codex from the Lost Archives.

    The Lost Archives dungeon is just a stone’s throw away. What you’re looking for is the Dust-Covered Chest, containing the Forgotten Codex. You do not have to complete the dungeon quest.where-to-find-lost-archives-dungeon-in-diablo-4

  3. Return to Mordarin.

    Once you bring the Forgotten Codex back to Mordarin, he’ll want you to accompany him in the nearby shack to complete a ritual. Light the braziers, defeat the demons, and you’re done!return-to-mordarin-to-unlock-enchantment-slots

  4. Assign a spell to an Enchantment Slot.

    Open the Abilities page to access Skill Assignment. Choose your desired spell as a passive. Instead of assigning it to your toolbar, highlight the Enchantment Slot instead. Don’t worry—you can still use the spell as an active ability, too.how-to-assign-spells-to-enchantment-slots

And there you have it: how to unlock Enchantment Slots in Diablo 4. You’ll have two slots at your disposal, though the other isn’t unlocked until you reach level 30—no follow-up quest required. With that said and done, why not have a friend join your journey? Diablo 4 does have couch co-op, after all.

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