Vondel University in Warzone Season 4
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Where To Find the Vondel University Dead Drops in Warzone DMZ

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While Warzone Season 4 introduced a host of new features alongside its Vondel Exclusion Zone, some common threads were pulled on with the new Amsterdam-inspired map. One is Dead Drops, which have long been a core part of CoD’s DMZ mode. Here are the precise locations of the Vondel University Dead Drops in Warzone DMZ, as well as how to find both.

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Vondel University Dead Drop Exact Location

The new missions, Phalanx Faction and Vondel Exclusion Zone guaranteed Warzone Season 4 would be a major update for all players of Warzone, not just those that enjoy the battle royale.

A huge number of Season 4’s missions revolve around securing and depositing items from and in Dead Drops. These are white dumpsters used by the warring Factions for all kinds of purposes.

Vondel University circled on Vondel Warzone Map
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

While a lot of POIs, like Vondel’s Zoo in the southwest, only have one Dead Drop to locate and use, Vondel’s University actually has two. One is closer to City Hall, on the University’s eastern side, while the second, called the Phalanx Dead Drop, is further south and closer to the Graveyard.

It seems that any mission asking players to deposit items in the University’s Dead Drop accepts either. Below, we’ll run through the precise locations of both Vondel University Dead Drop locations in Warzone DMZ.

Vondel University Dead Drop #1

As previously mentioned, the first is located on the far east of the University campus, towards City Hall and the Mayor’s Briefcase. Work your way east from the main campus area, past teaching buildings and towards the petrol station shown in the images below. Just south of this gas station, in map grid G3, you’ll see a white dumpster pushed up against the southern side of the building.

Its exact location is shown on the images below, with the left a zoomed out version and the right zoomed in to show you precisely where to go.

Vondel University Dead Drop Location in DMZ
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Like the others, players are looking for a white dumpster marked as a ‘Dead Drop’. The image below shows you how your surroundings will look as you approach.

Once you’ve located it, you need only walk up to it, interact, and deposit or recover whatever your mission requires.

Vondel University Dead Drop Dumpster
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

As we said, either University Dead Drop is valid for missions (like Icebreaker) that require you to deposit or secure an item from the location. We prefer this one if we have a choice, mainly because there’s a lot less AI to combat in this section of the college.

Vondel’s Phalanx Dead Drop: University Dead Drop #2

The second Vondel University Dead Drop is located southwest of the University, over the Canal and north of the Graveyard POI. At the end of a row of three buildings, with the Canal on two sides, there’s a dumpster pushed up against the west side of the most westerly building. See the image below to help you locate it, sitting in map grid E3.

The University itself can be seen in the first image, off to the northeast of the Dead Drop.

Vondel University Dead Drop Warzone DMZ
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Again, it’s a white dumpster you’re searching for. Like before, it’s pushed up against a building, which should make it easy to spot. If not, check out the image below to see exactly what you’re after.

Dead Drop at Vondel University Graveyard
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Again, just interact with the Dead Drop to open it. You’re then able to deposit or recover whatever your mission requires.

There’s generally more AI around the Phalanx Dead Drop, with plenty coming from the houses nearby, the Graveyard POI and even some shooting at you from the other side of the Canal. Bear this in mind as you move in.

We recommend approaching from the north and then retreating back the way you came, towards the quieter University. Heading south to the densely populated Graveyard might see you overrun and downed.

That’s everything to know about both Vondel University Dead Drops in Warzone DMZ, including the Phalanx and City Hall ones. For all the latest on Warzone Season 4, including the best loadouts in its popular DMZ mode, stay with us right here.

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