MW3 Zombies
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Where to Find Mimics in MW3 Zombies

Let's hunt those mimics.

Modern Warfare 3 has revitalized the Zombies experience into an open-world fight against the undead. But this new mode comes with a fair amount of unclear mechanics and features, so we want to take a look at where to find Mimics in MW3 Zombies.

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Mimics Locations in MW3 Zombies

Mimics are a powerful enemy that can be found in several locations or randomly throughout the map. But those looking for mimics may want to turn their attention to specific places and contracts to hunt their prey. Mimics are a crucial step in unlocking MWZ mastery camos. Weapons like the M4 require you to kill five mimics to unlock its last camo and many other weapons will have the same requirement.

Infested Strongholds

MW3 Zombies Tac Map Stronghold
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Infested Strongholds are exactly what you think they are, strongholds that have been infested by the zombie virus. There is no key required to get inside, so you can walk right into the zombie horrors whenever you are ready.

To complete an infested stronghold you must enter the building and destroy every cyst-like growth on the walls and ceiling of the stronghold. Be aware that the entire building is filled with toxic spores that will slowly damage you unless you prepare beforehand and get yourself a gas mask. Finally, once you have destroyed every cyst the toxic spores will disappear and a mimic will immediately spawn.

They can be tough creatures, so be sure you have lots of ammo and your best loadout to push through the zombies and this new monster. Whether you’re alone or with a full squad, you can be easily overwhelmed by the zombie horde as you attempt to clear the stronghold.

Eliminate Bounty Contracts

MW3 Bounty Contract Zombies
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You can find an Eliminate Bounty Contract by taking a look at your Tac-Map and finding the appropriate location. Pick up the contract and head to the location pinged on your map to find your target.

The Bounty Contracts have a 50% chance to target a mimic, so it isn’t as guaranteed as the infested strongholds but can be a simpler way to approach finding a mimic. Strongholds need more time invested for the mimic kill while Bounty Contracts are quick and easy. Mimics are tanky monsters so bring some real firepower to shred through the giant health bar.

That is it for where to find Mimics in MW3 Zombies. Be sure to check out all the related Call of Duty content below for guides, news, and updates.

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