CoD MW3 How to Get Collateral Kills
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How to Get Collateral Kills in Modern Warfare 3

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There are a couple of missions that can be really tedious in CoD, and one of them requires you to score collateral kills. If you want to learn how to get collateral kills in Modern Warfare 3 and get over with that mission already, read our guide below.

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MW3 Collateral Kills Explained

In order for a kill to count as a collateral one, you need to hit two enemies with one shot and score a double kill. This can be a pretty hard achievement to complete in random matches, and it’s even harder if you are trying to do it with an SMG or any other low-damage weapon.

CoD MW3 How to Get Collateral Kills on Terminal
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Tips to Get Collateral Kills

I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you out in getting collateral kills. They helped me finish the mission, and I think they will definitely help you.

  • Use a sniper – Using a sniper is the most consistent method of getting collaterals.
  • Play smaller maps – The smaller the map, the higher the chance of people bumping into each other.
  • Hold your trigger – I managed to get all three kills in a single game of Terminal because of this. Don’t focus on getting kills, even if someone is in your crosshair. Hold your trigger for a chance that another enemy will walk on out. Remember, you aren’t playing for KDA but for collaterals.
  • Camp corridors – Play corridors where people usually snipe or push. Skidrow and Terminal have several locations, and Rust can also be good.

You should be ready to get collateral kills in Modern Warfare 3 yourself now. If you didn’t know, Monster EnergyBurger King, and Little Caesars are having MW3 promotions right now, so be sure to check them out. For all other Call of Duty and Warzone guides, check the links down below.

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