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Best Modern Warfare 3 Marksman Rifle Tier List

Marksman Rifles haven't always been the best, let's see if that's the same in MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 has blessed the player base with plenty of new weapons to get our hands on. The Marksman Rifle class has seen an induction of four new guns to spice up the META. So we are here to take a look at our Marksman Rifle tier list.

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Best MW3 Marksman Rifles Tier List

Marksman rifles are a strange class of weapon. They are slower and more sluggish than Battle Rifles but pack more of a punch, and yet aren’t as strong as Sniper Rifles. They can be modified to fight in close quarters with red dot sights or built for long range with generic 12x sniper scopes.

We consider Marksman Rifles a happy medium between the two classes, and have constructed a tier list based on that ideal. As Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 approaches, we promise to update the tier list as Sledgehammer Games buffs and nerfs all the guns accordingly.

SMTZ Interceptor
AMCW 6.8, DM56
BKVD Enforcer

B-Tier MW3 Marksman Rifles

Our B Tier is comprised of weapons that are underperforming in the META. They aren’t necessarily bad guns, but their weaknesses generally bring them down and stop them from competing with the best guns on the patch. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as with some choice buffs from Sledgehammer Games, these weapons can rise to be META staples themselves.

KVD Enforcer

KVD Enforcer MW3 Loadout
Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games via Twinfinite

The KVD Enforcer is at the top of Marksman Rifles in terms of mobility, as its lightweight and ease of handling make it quite a formidable weapon.

Unfortunately, its damage, fire rate, and accuracy leave a lot to be desired. You’ll often find yourself outgunned even at the longest of ranges by ARs, and you’ll stand no chance in the effective range of SMGs.

Still, it’s in our B Tier due to its ability to match good pace around the map, and with some good aim it can outperform some comparable weapons. A small increase in the weapon’s damage can push it to the A Tier, but for now it remains the lone survivor right here.

A-Tier MW3 Marksman Rifles

A Tier is exclusive to perfectly balanced weapons. These firearms can contend with the best of the best, but are not outstanding in every single aspect. The law of equal exchange exists here where each point of damage or handling is taken at the sacrifice of accuracy or mobility.

MCW 6.8

Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games via Twinfinite

The MCW 6.8 has reliable damage, the highest range, and the highest accuracy, but the lowest mobility, making this weapon a perfect start for players.

Sadly, it is completely outshined and overshadowed by the original MCW assault rifle. While this weapon has a superior older brother, it can still perform well in the chaotic environment of multiplayer. It has low mobility, but with choice attachments to shore up that weakness, you can ignore it entirely and focus on increasing its damage and accuracy. Either playstyle is good and will highlight the MCW 6.8’s positives.


Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games via Twinfinite

The DM56 is an extremely comfortable weapon, as its damage per shot and highest fire rate allows you to shred through opponents.

It also sports the highest mobility and handling of any Marksman Rifle, making it the perfect weapon for combating the chaos in multiplayer. While it has the lowest damage, it makes up for it with the highest fire rate, which brings it higher than most other MRs.

You may struggle with the DM56’s range, however, which is the sole reason it sits in our A tier and not at the mountain top. Marksman Rifles are all about range as they are between both snipers and BRs. For now, this weakness keeps the DM56 a balanced weapon, but make no mistake that it can rip through an entire lobby in the right hands.

S-Tier MW3 Marksman Rifles

The God Tier of all weapons in Modern Warfare 3, these guns need some nerfs and tweaks to allow other guns to shine.

This tier usually shapes the META and determines which weapons are most used and most effective when aiming for high kills and domination. They have incredible damage, laser accuracy, and almost nonexistent weaknesses.

MTZ Interceptor

MTZ Interceptor MW3 Loadout
Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games via Twinfinite

The MTZ Interceptor is a finely tuned monster for a Marksman Rifle and takes our top spot.

It has a perfect balance between range, damage, accuracy, and handling. You’ll match assault rifles at medium to long range while having a fighting chance against SMGs in close quarters. There isn’t much the MTZ Interceptor cannot do, and it’s a surprisingly good weapon for the Marksman Rifle class. It is likewise the best choice for a fast-paced CQC MR, and equally fantastic as a long-range, high-accuracy sniper pick.

That’s it for our best Marksman Rifle in Modern Warfare 3 tier list. Be sure to check out all the related Call of Duty content below for all the best guides, recent news, and updates.

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