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Who Is Alice From Genshin Impact? Explained

Genshin Impact Windblume's Breath Official Art.
Image Credit: HoYoverse

Who Is Alice From Genshin Impact? Explained

A mysterious elf.

From the Descenders to the Sinner, Genshin Impact features numerous mysterious figures that may cause many players to scratch their heads. However, one person has been tickling fans’ curiosities for a long time due to the secrecy surrounding her. If you want to know who exactly Alice is in Genshin Impact, this guide can tell you more about her.

***Warning: This article contains spoilers for Genshin Impact***

Alice’s Identity in Genshin Impact

Alice is the mother of Klee, the author of Teyvat Travel Guide, and a member of Hexenzirkel. She is a gifted individual who masters various skills, such as alchemy, astrology, magic, and more. Similar to Klee, she is likely to be an elf who has lived for more than 500 years and even befriended Zhongli while traveling in Liyue.

Alice is also one of the narrators of Collected Miscellany, and she covers characters whose identities cannot be known by Dainsleif. For example, she is able to narrate the Wanderer’s Collected Miscellany despite the puppet erasing all memories about himself from Teyvat’s history. It is possible that Alice is one of the Descenders that Nahida mentioned since she is not affected by the changes within Irminsul.

Alice in Windblume Festival Genshin Impact.
Image Credit: HoYoverse via Twinfinite

During the Windblume Festival in 2023, it is revealed that Alice is a close friend of Mona’s Master and Rhinedottir due to being an elder in the Hexenzirkel. The elf accepted Rhinedottir’s request to take Albedo under her wings, and she has since considered the homunculus as her son.

Alice believes she is an honest person and calls herself the “one who would never lie.” She even claims she has a soft spot for people with sincerity and candor. It is obvious that she is quite doting toward Klee to the point that she rarely disciplines her daughter.

In the Hidden Strife event, you can read a letter from Alice to Diluc during the All’s Well That Ends Well quest. The woman warned the former knight of his dark path and suggested that he should let go of his grief and try to heal. She also decided to adopt Diluc as her child because of his kindness and warmth toward Klee.

That is everything you need to know about Alice in Genshin Impact. If you want to read more about the game, we also have other interesting articles below.

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