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Is Grand Admiral Thrawn in The Mandalorian? Explained

The Mandalorian holding dark saber
Image Source: Lucasfilm

Is Grand Admiral Thrawn in The Mandalorian? Explained

Does Star Wars’ most calculated tactician appear in its most popular show?

While Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian has been mainly focused on the adventures (and misadventures) of its main characters Din Djarin and the adorable Yoda-like Grogu, the show has been known to reintroduce fans to popular characters from past Star Wars properties. Both seasons of the show have been chock full of such cameos, including appearances of Star Wars favorites such as Ahsoka Tano, Boba Fett, and even Luke Skywalker. But has Grand Admiral Thrawn appeared in The Mandalorian?

Who Is Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars?

For any Star Wars fans who have been living under a rock or anyone just starting to get into the iconic space opera franchise, Thrawn was a focal character in the animated series Rebels. Portrayed as a cunning tactician, Thrawn is rivaled by only Darth Vader in terms of his importance to the Galactic Empire and has become a massive fan-favorite due to his character’s gravitas and multi-layered motivations.

Given Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni’s penchant for including franchise favorites in The Mandalorian, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for fans to expect a character like Thrawn to appear. However, to date, the character has yet to share the screen with everyone’s favorite Mando and his newly-returned-green companion.

Will Grand Admiral Thrawn be in The Mandalorian Season 3?

Unfortunately, Thrawn has not yet appeared in The Mandalorian. However, despite his never appearing on screen, he is mentioned by name in one of the series’ most notable episodes which could mean that a live-action appearance for the character in the future isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

In the Season 2 episode “Chapter 13: The Jedi,” Star Wars fans are given their first look at Ashoka in live-action. During the episode, Din Djarin assists the former Jedi as she clears out a local village known as Calodan from the villainous Imperial Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth. After defeating her in a samurai-style duel, Ahsoka demands Elsbeth reveal the location of Thrawn who was last seen in Rebels kidnapping former Jedi padawan Ezra Bridger.

So no, Thrawn has not yet appeared in The Mandalorian. But it’s certainly possible he shows up in Din and Grogu’s adventure saga during Season 3. It should also be expected the Imperial mastermind appear in Ahsoka — a limited series about the expelled Jedi set to premiere later this year — given the two characters’ history with one another.

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