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Is David a Pedophile in HBO’s The Last of Us? Answered

David in The Last of Us Episode 8
Image Source: Liane Hentscher/HBO

Is David a Pedophile in HBO’s The Last of Us? Answered

Leave poor Ellie alone, David.

If you watch the latest episode, you’ll undoubtedly get the creeps from the leader of the new survivalist group as he “guides” them to salvation. But, if you are here, you are probably wondering, is David a pedophile in HBO’s The Last of Us? Here’s everything you need to know about this disturbing character.

David Pedophilia in HBO’s The Last of Us, Explained

Given that David initiates various inappropriate actions toward Ellie, we can assume he is a pedophile, especially since he longingly holds her hand and expresses how he wants to build a life with her. He also loves the fact that she doesn’t need a father figure because of Joel, hinting that he seeks to be her romantic interest rather than a parental role. Furthermore, David consistently mentions comparisons between him and Ellie, where he sees her as his “equal” despite being young.

As a result, this perception could explain why David is obsessed with Ellie, including when he violently struck one of the children at his camp after they asked him to kill her. It isn’t explicitly clear if he has done pederast actions before, but he does imply it when he states, “The fighting is the part I like the most” while he takes down Ellie. Therefore, David may have a history of pedophilia, considering he already has particular interests.

His obsession with Ellie also goes beyond that, as he is clearly impressed with her tenacity and recognizes that she is a lot different from the “sheep” in his group, as he describes them.

We can see more of his darkness unfold as Ellie continues to fight back and not give him what he wants, ultimately leading to a brutal showdown. Even if you believe in his “nice guy” demeanor, you’ll eventually notice that it’s all a front to manipulate everyone.

That covers everything you need to know about David’s pedophilia in HBO’s The Last of Us. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, such as our guide on which character Troy Baker plays.

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