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How to Emote in Diablo 4

How to Emote in Diablo 4
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

How to Emote in Diablo 4

Show your emotions and drink potions.

Diablo 4 can be a solo affair if one so chooses, but it’s always a good time to slay the demonic forces of Hell with a colleague. Sometimes you may want to show your gratitude or another emotion to someone else more than simply communicating verbally. Diablo 4 has you covered with plenty of emotes and other actions. Here is how to emote in Diablo 4.

Emoting in Diablo 4, Explained

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Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

Emoting can be done by bringing up the emote wheel with E key on the keyboard or Up on the controller’s D-Pad. You can hover over the appropriate emote depending on the situation with the cursor or control stick, and then press the confirm button to do the emote.

Your character has three wheels where emotes can be assigned to and can scroll through using the middle mouse wheel or controller bumpers. The game will force you to emote as part of the Raising Spirits side quest early on in the game.

Selecting the Customize option will give you a list of emotes and other actions that can be assigned to any space of the three wheel menus. Some of the options include emotions, inviting other players to your party, and various potions for ease of use.

That is how to emote in Diablo 4. Be sure to follow Twinfinite for more Diablo 4 coverage and check out the links below for other helpful guides on the game.

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