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Who Is Snake in Vinland Saga? Answered (Spoilers)

Snake Vinland Saga Season 2
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Who Is Snake in Vinland Saga? Answered (Spoilers)

Who needs a silver tongue when a steel saber will do?

With Thorfinn’s enslavement on a relatively peaceful farm taking front stage of Vinland Saga’s second season, it is hard to imagine he would come across any particularly formidable foes in his new life of lumbering and harvesting. That is until the mysterious head of the farm’s guards appeared, leading many to ask who is Snake? We dug into his past and have the answers.

The Mysterious Snake’s Identity, Revealed

Snake is a fierce Danish warrior employed by farm master Ketil to protect the land and keep the other guests in line. Both he and Thorfinn share something peculiar in common: they are both at stations far below their skill, as bits and pieces of Snake’s past reveal he is a fighting force to be reckoned with.

While much of Snake’s history is obscure, what we do know is that he was mentored in combat by the real Iron-Fist Ketil at the ripe age of 15, and describes the legendary warrior as monstrous and like a brother to him.

Years later, after being exiled for, as Snake puts it, “screwing up big time,” he adopted his current alias over his real name, Roald, and wandered around chasing rumors of Iron-Fist’s location on a farm thinking he would take him in given their history. Despite the revelation that the farm’s Ketil is merely an imposter using the legend’s name for clout, Snake opted to stay as a guard, having no other prospects in front of him.

How Strong is Snake in Vinland Saga? Answered

In his very brief physical encounter with Thorfinn following Fox’s barbaric torture, Snake unleashes a single swift attack with his curved saber forcing the son of Thors to defend himself. Thorfinn remarks that based on their momentary clash, Snake has strength that rivals Askeladd and speed that approaches Thorfinn himself. These sentiments are echoed again in the manga’s Chapter 86 when Thorfinn and Snake clash in a full-fledged duel for the fate of Arnheid and Gardar.

Snake is a man of balance, with the restrained hand of a leader and enough compassion to straddle the line between a mindless brute and a truly honorable, noble man. His tender side is shown through his relationship with Ketil’s father, Sverkel, with whom he playfully banters and saves numerous times from collapsing in the fields. His honorable side shines in the fight against Canute’s onslaught, where he executes himself masterfully on the battlefield, and refuses to surrender despite the overwhelming odds.

That’s everything you need to know about who Snake is in Vinland Saga. Be sure to check out more content on this sword-and-sandal anime at the links below.

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