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Where Is Jackson in the Last of Us: TLOU Location Explained

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Where Is Jackson in the Last of Us: TLOU Location Explained

Let’s get Jackson on the map.

HBO’s The Last of Us series is in full swing, with each episode providing plenty of interesting easter eggs from the video games that it’s using for source material. In episode 6, “Kin”, Joel and Ellie go to a small town called Jackson, which plays a vital role in both games in the series. After the episode, audiences might be wondering where is Jackson in the Last of Us?

Where Is Jackson Located in The Last of Us?

This snowy town is located in Jackson, Wyoming in the Last of Us, and is based on its real-life counterpart. It’s a small area that is reminiscent of the Old West and has become a long-term settlement for pandemic survivors in the show.

Luckily, the town has many natural frontiers around it like mountains, forests, and rivers that keep them isolated from most of the people that go that way, both infected or alive. In total, Jackson houses about 300 people, including children, and has electricity, sewers, running water, a school, and even a movie theater.

This idyllic location allows Joel and Ellie to breathe a little and have an important conversation. Jackson is also the place where Joel’s brother Tommy has lived since he left the fireflies before the start of the show. He’s built a life of his own there, as he has fallen in love and is starting a family soon with his pregnant wife Maria.

Now that you know the answer to where is Jackson in the Last of Us: TLOU location explained, you can look for more guides on both the TV show and the video game on Twinfinite. As you can see below, we have all the answers.

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