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What Does DMZ Stand For in Call of Duty?

What does DMZ stand for in Call of Duty?
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What Does DMZ Stand For in Call of Duty?

No fighting please.

2022’s iteration of Call of Duty introduces gamers to Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, both serving as sequels to smash hit titles. It also introduced a new mode called DMZ, currently in beta, which is an extension of Warzone. Have you found yourself wondering what that acronym stands for? Fear not, here’s everything you need to know about what DMZ stands for in Call of Duty, including what the DMZ Mode is.

DMZ Meaning in Call of Duty

DMZ stands for “demilitarized zone” and is a military term used to describe areas agreed upon where no conflict shall take place. Of course, in Call of Duty, the term is used lightly as the DMZ mode sees players battle it out to survive the vicious wastes of Al-Mazrah.

What is the DMZ Mode in Call of Duty?

Now that you know what DMZ stands for, you’re probably wondering why it’s even a term attached to Call of Duty. As mentioned, the DMZ is a new mode launched, replicating the wildly popular extraction-based titles such as Escape From Tarkov and Marauders.

A group of three players drop into Al-Mazrah and must complete Faction missions while fending off groups of AI and even player-controlled combatants. Dropping in, you’ll be given the option to extract varying levels of precious loot, with a set monetary value attached to it. Pick up and extract a motherboard that costs $5000, and you’ll get a hefty experience bonus upon completing your run. It’s not as simple as walking in and leaving, as AI and other players looking for good loot will end your trek in seconds.

DMZ is a free-to-play mode, and each new season of Warzone 2 content introduces new missions and locales to explore. It’s important to note, while the latest season introduced new DMZ missions, said missions are locked behind a paywall forcing players to purchase Modern Warfare 2.

That’s all you need to know about what DMZ stands for in Call of Duty and a quick breakdown of the new mode. Check out our related content below, for more tips and tricks to aid your CoD exploits.

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