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How to Beat Cliff in Pokemon GO (February 2023)

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How to Beat Cliff in Pokemon GO (February 2023)

Look out for Cliff’s overwhelming power!

The Team Go Rocket Leaders are no simple opponents. They’re going to give you a harder time than those lowly grunts, but with the knowledge in this guide, you’ll learn how to beat Cliff in Pokemon Go.

How to Beat Team Go Rocket Leader Cliff in Pokemon Go

With proper preparation, Cliff’s normally formidable team won’t stand a chance against yours. Luckily, some of his choices aren’t very diverse which can make building your team fairly easy. Here are all of Cliff’s possible Pokemon:

  • Pokemon 1
    • Magnemite (Steel/Electric)
  • Pokemon 2
    • Omastar (Rock/Water)
    • Pinsir (Bug)
    • Venusaur (Psychic/Water)
  • Pokemon 3
    • Tyranitar (Rock/Dark)
    • Camerupt (Fire/Ground)
    • Sharpedo (Water/Dark)

Cliff Battle 1

The good news about Magnemite is that it’s fairly easy to beat and its counters are all fairly common Pokemon. Fire and Fighting ‘mons are good here, but they can’t deal more damage while resisting Magnemite’s attacks as well as Groun-types do.

Best Picks: Rhyperior, Rhydon, Donphan, Golem, Mamoswine

Cliff Battle 2

As you might expect from Omastar, Grass-types are going to have the biggest advantage in this battle. Both of its types (Rock and Water) take super effective damage against Grass attacks. Don’t overthink it.

Best Picks: Shaymin (Sky Forme), Virizion, Tropius, Mega Abomasnow, Celebi

Be careful here against Pinsir. Sure, it’s not one of the best Pokemon in GO, but Cliff’s Pinsir can deal massive damage if you’re not resisting its attacks. Poison, Fire, and Flying mons have an advantage here. Giratin’s Dragon/Ghost typing also helps it resist Pinsir’s attacks.

Best Picks: Mega Gengar, Giratina (Altered Forme), Mega Charizard Y, Ho-Oh, Togekiss


Venusaur is decently bulky and can deal some big-time damage to your Fire-types with Poison attacks. Still, it’s worth using them here as long as you can shield incoming damage. Steel Pokemon can also fair well in this battle thanks to their resistance.

Best Picks: Mega Charizard (X or Y), Mega Salamence, Reshiram, Mega Scizor, Celesteela

Cliff Battle 3

Tyranitar can be a scary opponent to run into when you’re down to your final Pokemon. This Rock/Dark-type Pokemon is very powerful. But if you take advantage of its massive weakness to Fighting-type attacks, then you should be just fine.

Best Picks: Cobalion, Chesnaught, Buzzswole, Virizion, Keldeo

Water. Seriously. It’s that easy. Mega Charizard X is also an option if a solid Water-type Pokemon isn’t available, but that’s highly unlikely if you’ve been playing for a while.

Best Picks: Mega Swampert (or regular), Politoed, Kyogre, Mega Gyarados, Palkia

Sharpedo is what we call in the business a glass canon. That means it can deal out a ton of damage very quickly, but it can easily be taken with one or two good hits. Take advantage of its weaknesses to Grass and Fairy attacks for a quick victory.

Best Picks: Mega Venusaur, Mega Abomasnow, Primarina, Florges, Buzzswole

Best Pokemon Team

Cliff always has some bulky Pokemon. But if you just pick a team that hits their weaknesses, then you should sail through this battle. Just use your shields wisely.

Our ideal team for beating Cliff is:

  1. Rhyperior (Mud Slap | Rock Wrecker)
  2. Reshiram (Fire Fang | Fusion Flare)
  3. Mega Venusaur (Razor Leaf | Frenzy Plant)

Secondary Team:

  1. Mega Swampert (Mud Shot | Hydro Cannon)
  2. Ho-Oh (Incinerate | Sacred Fire regular or ++)
  3. Buzzswole (Counter | Power-Up Punch)

If you don’t have all those Pokemon, then most combinations of good Fighting-, Ghost-, Dark-, Water-, Grass-, or Fire-types should be able to get the job done.

That’s all there is to know about how to beat Team Go Rocket Leader Cliff in Pokemon Go. Now it’s time to take on Arlo and Sierra so you can face Giovanni.

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